Make money in less than 24 hours by selling gold online

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Make money in less than 24 hours by selling gold online

We recently sold gold online for the first time.  In fact, it will probably the only time we sell gold as we don’t often have gold lying around our home!  The only piece of jewellery I own is my rose gold wedding ring and I can’t see us buying any more.  Ben inherited a small 20g gold bar a couple of years ago and we decided to sell it last month to fund a new TV for our living room and one for the kid’s playroom.  In this blog post I’ll share with you how you can sell gold online and make money within 24 hours.

Make money in less than 24 hours by selling gold online Hatton Garden Metal



I wasn’t desperate to get a new TV for us, we actually went to the store to choose one for the kids.  They haven’t had a TV of their own yet as they are still young, ages two and five, but I thought it would be a nice addition to their playroom.  Plus we signed up for Netflix at Christmas and have two logins, so we can watch two TVs at once in the house if we like.  But we ended up coming out of the store with two new sets!  My old TV was around eight years old, so it wasn’t the most modern of TVs.  It also made a high pitched whirring sound when on standby – I thought I had tinnitus for months until I worked out it was the TV!

We recently decided to subscribe to Netflix and stop watching regular TV, so a smart TV seemed a good option for our living room too.  We decided to fund our purchases by selling a small bar of gold for £600 and by selling my old TV for £75.  Luckily Facebook Marketplace was super quick for selling my old TV and it was gone in one day with no haggling.  The gold was surprisingly easy to sell too.

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How to sell gold quickly and for the best price online

We’ve never sold gold online before and I was honestly a little dubious.  What if we sent it and never saw it again?!  Of course we used Special Delivery to post the gold in case it was lost in the post, but there was still no guarantee we could trust the gold company to send us the cash.

I did a little research and read reviews of various companies and one name kept popping up - Hatton Garden Metals.  They had great reviews and many claimed they had the best prices too.  I also checked out eBay to see what the bars were selling there for, but we didn’t really want to wait for a sale and were worried about dodgy buyers!  Hatton Garden Metals it was.

The whole process was amazingly simple and quick.  I spent no longer than five minutes on their website filling out our details and selecting the type of gold we wanted to sell.  I was able to see the expected price for the gold right away and I knew it was a fair price based on my research.

I printed the email and packaged up the gold along with the email printout.

At 2pm I posted the gold at the post office.

By 11am the next day the money had arrived in our bank account!

The money is sent by faster payments the day it’s received and valuation is accepted, which in our case was at 11am by a faster payments bank transfer directly into our account.  That was money in our account just 21 hours after finding their website!  Crazy!

I’d definitely recommend checking out Hatton Garden Metals for a pleasant and easy transaction if you are looking to sell some gold online.  It was the swiftest experience ever. 

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Make money in less than 24 hours by selling gold online _ Hatton Garden Met