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Money Making Mums Blogger Interview: Clare from Freddies Mummy UK

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Money Making Mums Blogger Interview_ Clare from Freddies Mummy UK

Every Friday I invite other bloggers and money making mums to share the ways busy parents can make money from home.  These are real life people making a living from home who can share their experience with us and inspire us.  If you’d like to feature in this series with a guest post of a relevant topic or you’d like to take part in the interview, please do get in touch or find the interview questions by clicking here.

I love making money from home.  As a busy mum to two young children, working from home for myself provides me with the flexibility I need to care for my children and avoid high full time childcare costs.  It also means I get to do what I love.  I’m an advocate of earning money online and from apps.  I’m always looking for new ways to make more income from home and hope to be inspired by the many people in this interview series.


Money Making Mums Blogger Interview_ Clare from Freddies Mummy UK

Welcome, tell me a little about who you are, where you’re from and introduce your blog. 

Hi my name is Clare and I live in a small village in Leicestershire with my son and my husband. I started my blog Freddies Mummy UK only in January and I write about everything we love as a family. 

Tell me, how do you make money from home?

I blog full time, but I am really only just starting out. But I make some money from sponsored posts, and I have just started matched betting.

What makes it suitable for mums?

I am always there to take my son to school and spend quality time with him. I can work when he is at school and when he is in bed, so it is excellent. 

What are three benefits of working at home?

That is easy, I am always there for my family. I work my own hours and I put in as much or as little as I want. No one is my boss (well apart from Freddie - my son!) so I find it very self motivating.

What are three negatives?

That's not so easy, I am a workaholic so I tend to work more hours than I would if I had full time employment, but I absolutely love it.

It is very isolating, so I don't tend to talk to anyone through out the day. But again this suits me, as I find I work harder when I am not distracted. I have some amazing friends so when I have down time I see them.

If the house is in a mess I often will clean up before I start working. Where as if I went to a job this would have to be done at another time.

If you could only pick one, working from home or going to an employed job for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Working from home every time.

People say they find it hard to be productive working alone at home. What keeps you motivated?

I am very self motivated and I know the harder I work the more money I will achieve.

Do you have a favourite quote to keep you inspired?

When someone tells me "no", it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them!

What words of wisdom can you share with mums looking to make their own income from home?

This is difficult, as we don't rely on my income to pay the bills. If you are looking at giving up work to earn an income from home, make sure you test the water before you actually hand in your notice. It takes a long time to make money certainly from blogging (I certainly don't make any where near a full time income from this yet). As long as you are self motivated and can potentially put in MORE hours than you do in an employed job, then go for it.

Thank you so much for taking part in my interview series!



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Not a mum?  No worries!  This guest series is all about inspiring parents to earn their own income and realising they have more than two choices of going out to an employed job or being a stay at home parent. 

Of course if you choose to do either of those options that's absolutely fine, no judgement here, but lots of mums, like me, didn't realise there was another way to make money by the many self-employed options available nowadays.  If you earn from home, parent or not, and it's suitable for parents then you can take part.

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