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Hacks to make a box room seem bigger

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Everybody knows the typical 2.5 or 3.5 bedroom house in the UK. You get a couple of standard size bedrooms and then, there’s the botched cupboard room that the real estate agent introduced as a child’s bedroom.

You didn’t think much of it at the time, you know you had all the bedrooms you needed with the other rooms, but still, you can’t help wondering about it.

What are you going to do with this tiny room?

More importantly, how can you turn the standard half a room into a cosy and welcoming bedroom for a child or an adult?

There is the assumption that small bedrooms are suitable for children as they can feel comfortable in the tiniest space. It’s time to prove that you can create big feelings in a tiny bedroom.

It doesn’t have to feel cramped

For a start, you can furnish your room with the same furniture you’ve got in bigger bedrooms. It’s fair to say that it’s not the right place for a king size bed or a bedside commode.

You need instead to invest in space-spacing furniture to make the most of what you’ve got.

For instance, space that isn’t used should gain a new function, such as keeping under-bed storage or getting a floor to ceiling wardrobe unit. It’s about being creative with your furniture so that each unit is multifunctional.

Light light light

There’s no denying it, a dark room feels small and unwelcoming, while everybody loves a bright room.

Admittedly, in a small bedroom, you want to ensure that your privacy is protected, so it’s a good idea to check Venetian blinds cost for your window.

You should be avoiding curtains that can block too much light. The brighter the room, the less claustrophobic it’ll feel.

Choose colours that make the room feel bigger

The problem with a small bedroom is that you need to be careful when choosing colours. Of course, you probably want to avoid the traditional white or Magnolia shade as it can be a little dull. But similarly, you need to pick a colour palette that makes the room feel bigger.

Grey is an excellent choice because it is a neutral colour with an elegant twist, which can make transform a small bedroom into adult heaven.

Light greens and blues create a sensation of space and airiness which immediately changes the room.

Finally, pastel shades, from soft pink to lavender, can bring personality to a tiny area.

As a rule of the thumb, you should avoid dark colours, such as red or maroon.

A room of pure air

Small rooms tend to rapidly develop a stuffy smell, as it can be tricky to renew the air regularly.

By keeping a houseplant on the window sill or the desk, you can ensure that the air in the bedroom remains fresh and clean.

Houseplants are not only fantastic to add a touch of green: they can also clear the air of toxins, making the room feel clean, airy and refreshing.

Stay organised

Keeping it tidy and clutter free is the best way to stop the room feeling cramped and too small. 

Practice minimalism, especially in box rooms and use lots of clever storage to keep things tucked away and off the floor.

Final word

There is no such thing as a room too small to use.

You need to be smart about room decoration to transform your 0.5 bedroom into a welcoming and much-loved space.

From space-saving furniture to bringing more light in, it’s time to make the most of every room in your house!