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How to improve your bathroom on a budget

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If your bathroom is feeling a little tired and dated then you may want to consider an update.  Whilst refitting an entire suite might seem costly, it doesn’t have to be.  Perhaps you can just make one or two improvements to totally freshen up the feel of the room. 

If you have more cash to splash then replacing larger items can totally transform and modernise your bathroom.  If funds are tight there are still plenty of ways to start creating the bathroom of your dreams; you’ll just have to be a little more savvy.

Here are several tips and tricks to improve your bathroom, even on a budget:


One of the best ways to save money is to do it yourself.  If you have a husband who is a keen DIYer then he may be more than willing to learn a few new trades and complete the work himself.  That’s exactly what my husband did when we wanted to install a new sink unit.  He watched tutorials and taught himself some basic plumbing so we didn’t have to hire a plumber.  Of course, if you have no idea how to install a grundfos shower pump or are totally refitting an entire bathroom, then you may need to call in the experts.

Reduce the tiling

The cost of tiles and having to pay a contractor to lay the tiles for you can really start to add up.  Instead, consider tiling a smaller area.  Ensure the areas which will get splashed are covered, but ask whether the other spaces really need so many tiles.  A lick of bathroom paint on the rest of the walls may be just fine.

Consider an ex-display

You can save a small fortune by buying an ex-display bathroom instead of brand new.  Many of these will have minor imperfections, but some none at all.   There are dedicated websites for selling ex-displays that can easily be found with a quick Google search.  Or checkout your local bathroom stores to see if they have any ex-displays for sale.

Shop the sales

Another great way to save money is to only shop items in the sale.  Many bathroom sets are so similar I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like in a sale instead of paying full price.  Make sure you check cashback sites too as if you order online you may be able to get some of your spend back!

Update the floor

Vinyl flooring is actually pretty inexpensive.  We can usually replace our bathroom floor for around £25. It’s obviously not as hardwearing or beautiful as a tiled floor, but for a cheap and cheerful option that can be updated regularly, it’ll do.

Spruce up the paint

Sometimes all you need is a tub of paint!  Make sure you choose specific bathroom paint as this will be mould and damp resistant.  A fresh coat of paint or a new colour can really brighten up a room and make it feel as good as new.

Invest in a bath screen

Replace your shower curtain with a glass shower screen for a much sleeker look.  For a cheaper option, at least replace your shower curtain as soon as it starts looking a little worse for wear.  Your bathroom isn’t going to feel luxurious if you have an off colour sheet of mildew hanging within it!

Replace the fixtures

A simple and cheap improvement is to update your showerhead to a power shower or larger rainfall style head.  If your pressure seems low then check out online tips to improve your shower pressure.  New tap heads can really enhance the visual aspect of the room.  Plus the best bit is these should both be easy tasks to complete by yourself.

Freshen the grout

One of the most unsightly things in a bathroom is black mouldy grout in-between the tiles.  Put in some elbow grease and scrub the mould away.  You may need to leave some bleach on first.  Do this regularly and your bathroom will look good as new without black mould ever building up to ruin the ambiance.

Hopefully this will inspire you to make some impressive improvements in your bathroom without having to break the bank.