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Breakup parties: why you should have one and what it should involve

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The divorce party has been around for a while now and while the idea is a really good one, it does somewhat exclude those who choose not to get married but still have a committed relationship.

So for this reason it seems the break up party is the next big thing and about time!

Why should only people who choose to get married have all the fun?

Now, just in case my husband is reading this, let me tell you I am happily married and I do plan on it staying that way. 

But I still totally get why a breakup party is a good idea, particularly for those who have been stuck in a dull dead-end relationship for years on end, or what feels like years on end! 

Even if the relationship was great but you just outgrew each other, why not celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life?

In this blog post I’m going to take a look at the reasons why a breakup party is a great idea and how to go about it!

Breaking up

OK so it’s never fun.  Even if you wanted it to happen it is still stressful, upsetting and generally pretty awful.

So this is the perfect reason to throw a party that is all about you.

If the break up was not a harmonious one (perhaps it involved cheating or just a total breakdown), then throwing a party to regain a big slice of what makes you ‘you’ is really important.

Regain yourself

No matter how we think we act in a relationship, in most cases we change.

Sometimes this change is for the better, but more often than not we edit bits of ourselves to make things work.

If the relationship goes bad then this editing often gets more severe and can sometimes leave you being or feeling like only half of yourself.

Throwing a breakup party is fun, yes, but it is also a really important step in stamping some authority back into your life and regaining all the aspects of yourself you like and want to keep.


It is a pretty obvious statement to say a breakup party should include friends, but there is more to it than that.

It is important to invite the friends who support you and who encourage the good bits of you.

Try to avoid people who seem unsure about the breakup and will question who was at fault.

You need a strong team around you if the night is going to be as positive as it should be.   

Friends should build each other up, not down, so pick those who do this.  Pick those who are excited for your next chapter and want to celebrate your new stage with you.


Your breakup party can really be whatever you want it to be; a night on the town, a girly night in, a meal out.  You decide. 

Why not choose your favourite activity? 

You could go a bit wild and pick one of the below suggestions for a time to really remember!

These days you can have a polite, funny and well-mannered gorgeous guy to serve some drinks and help get the party started.  These guys can do cocktail lessons, life drawing classes and more. It may seem a little cheesy for some people, but if this is your sort of thing or you fancy a giggle and a sight for the eyes, then it could be the perfect way to forget all about the breakup details.

Nothing will make you feel fresh and new than a totally new location to party in. Hiring a big house with a pool and throwing a break up party will make sure you can reset and return home ready to start over. Spend some time in a hot tub with your best friends, have a big meal together and just party! It also makes for amazing Instagram pics…just saying.

  • Scare yourself 

If partying or semi-naked men aren’t your thing then why not try something new in the form of an exhilarating activity?  Lounging around can lead to negative feelings and we do not want any of that. Challenge yourself with some massive zip wires, tree climbing and generally finding some adrenaline. If you don’t like heights why not try a day of go-karting?  It’s fast, fun and very intense. When you finish a day of activities that push you out of your comfort zone you will feel that rush of liberation and self-confidence and that’s how you are going to move forward.

Have fun, be free and move forward! They are the rules to keep in mind when planning a breakup party.