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What to do after a breakup if you can't concentrate at work

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Going through a relationship breakup doesn’t just affect your personal life taking its toll on your mental health and even physical health, but it may make you unable to focus at work.

If you are struggling to stay productive and meet deadlines then follow the below tips on how to stay focussed at work after a breakup.

Take personal leave

If the breakup has just happened then don’t be afraid to take personal leave from work. Depending on your situation with your ex-partner, you may have finances to sort out, living arrangements and even childcare if you have children.

Talk to your manager and take some personal leave from work whilst you take time to sort out h the important stuff as well as giving you time to cope with the breakup emotionally.

Leave your personal life at home

It can be hard, but when you’re ready or have to go back to work then leave your breakup at the door. Fully throw yourself and your mind into work during working hours.

This can help you to feel happier at work and focus on the task at hand.

If you need time to think about the relationship then take a walk on your lunch break to go over the situation in your head and deal with your emotions. Get it out of your system whilst on your break and set your mind to work once you return.

Use work as a distraction from the breakup.

Keep things professional

Whilst you may want to continuously talk about the breakup with your colleagues - resist the urge!

You’ll only start bringing your breakup to work with you and finding it hard to focus at work.

Leave breakup talk for outside the office and don’t distract your colleagues from their work.

Stay mentally and physically healthy

Make sure you eat well, drink plenty of water, continue to exercise and sleep as well as you can. This can be hard in times of stress, but is so important to keep you mentally fit and focussed.

Take time to get over your relationship and avoid rebound relationships which often fail. Click here to learn the warning signs of a rebound relationship.

Confide in trusted co-workers

It’s important to let at least one trusted colleague know you’re going through a breakup and your line manager if possible.

This will allow you some support at work if you are unable to meet deadlines or focus on work like usual.

Opt for teamwork when possible

To keep yourself more distracted from the breakup and engaged at work, choose teamwork whenever possible.

Working with others can help you stay focussed on the task and stop your mind drifting to other places.

Make plans after work

Rather than dreading going home at the end of the working day or it becoming an anxious part of your working day, make plans to see friends or family after work so you have something to look forward to.  You could even organise a breakup party to take your mind off the negative and start focusing on the positives and your newfound single life.

Take a break

If you feel overwhelmed or can’t concentrate then take a break. Go outside, have a drink and refresh your mind. Refocus and return to work with a clear head.

Turn your phone off

It can be tempting to keep texting or calling your ex, especially if you are hurting and didn’t want the breakup, but it won’t help you to focus at work.

Nor will stalking their Facebook page.

Turn your phone off when you are at work so you are not distracted or thinking about contacting them.


Staying positive can work wonders and help get you through the day. Smiling, even when we don’t feel like it, can trick the brain into thinking we are amused or happy and it will activate feel good hormones.

Being positive and happy will help to stay productive, unlike dwelling on negativity.

Final word

Going through a breakup can make focussing on work tricky, but making the decision to separate work and home life can actually make the workplace a welcome distraction from your relationship troubles.  Hopefully you'll welcome your newfound single life and get on the dating scene soon to find love again!