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How You Can Make Money From Your Holiday

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We all dream of jetting off on a well-deserved holiday every summer, but few of us truly have the money to comfortably jet away without worrying about the pennies in our purse. With plenty of solutions for home emergencies such as  short term loan lenders or part-time jobs, the same isn’t necessarily true for our holiday budget, so how to do you earn enough money to get away without signing away all of your free time? Simple – earn money while you’re on holiday! We’re exploring just how you can do exactly that, below.

How You Can Make Money From Your Holiday


Sell Your Photos

We can all get a bit snap happy while we’re abroad. A cocktail here, a sunset there and before you know if you have a phone or camera full of photos to cherish for years to come, but did you know you can actually put those photos to even better use? If you’ve got a bit of an eye for capturing a fairly decent shot, you could start earning money with every click of that button. Simply upload the best photos onto a stock photo website like Shutterstock, iStock Photos or Fotolia and you could start earning money every time someone licences your photo for use. Not bad for something you would’ve done anyway!

Start Up A Blog

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer, have you considered starting up your own blog? Whether you already have a blog or you need to start one up, earning money on your travel could be as simple as documenting your day and posting a 500+ word article. From there, you can accept adverts, endorsements and more. There are plenty of travel bloggers out there who even travel because of their blog. By earning money on their posts, they can build up a fund to jet off on another holiday and earn while they’re there.

Sell Your Travel Articles

Just like starting up a blog, you could try your hand at selling your travel articles. Are you visiting somewhere unique? Have you taken part in a lesser-known but charming local activity? Put together a well-written article and you could have some luck in selling your article to a magazine, website or even a newspaper. Of course, this isn’t necessarily going to work straight off the bat, so getting some experience and a valuable portfolio before you go is your best bet before you go.

Take A Working Holiday

If none of the ideas above are floating your boat, why not take a working holiday? You could opt for changing your career completely and becoming a freelancer and work from a laptop on the beach, or you could go one step further and travel from job to job abroad. There are countless companies, establishments and more that will accept travellers as workers for short periods of time, which can be a great way to get out and see the world in an entirely unique way without having to save up masses of money, to begin with.

Rent Out While You’re Away

If all else fails and you really don’t want to go to any extra effort while you’re away, you could opt for renting out your home or even your car. Sites like Airbnb give you the chance to upload a listing for your home and while you’re away, screened travellers can reside in your home in the meantime. Similarly, sites like Turo allow you to rent out your car while you’re away and with an incredible insurance policy in most cases that can prevent you from losing anything should it go wrong, you can do this and sleep easy while you’re abroad.

Making money while you’re on holiday can drum up images of hours cooped up in your hotel room with a laptop and your work emails open and ready to be answered, but the truth is actually very different. From something simple like selling your photos or renting out your car, to the more adventurous alternatives like working while you’re travelling or selling well-written articles, you could be travelling the globe without money worries in no time.

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How You Can Make Money From Your Holiday