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5 ways to make money while travelling

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We've all heard the basic budgeting advice offered to you before you travel overseas. Two of the most important are to “stick to a daily budget” and “don't spend more than you need.” Is there a method to generate some extra money on the side when you're travelling for a lengthy period of time and running low on funds? There are a variety of additional methods to earn money while travelling. Here are a few suggestions:

Rent your property

Renting your property to travel is a fantastic option to realise your holiday goals. Renting your property for a weekend, a week, a month, or longer might bring in nice money to help pay for your trips. Since your home is safe in someone's hands, it will help you rest while you're away. Besides renting your flat, house, or even a room, you can also consider renting your car.  Check out all the ways you can use the sharing economy to make money from things you already own.

Freelance writer

There are numerous platforms accessible for people looking to supplement their income while travelling. Particularly if you have experience with traditional business functions. This means that if you have experience with copywriting, blogging, producing, editing, or even if you know your way around Excel, you'll be able to get work done. Look for available digital nomad employment on platforms like Freelancer and Upwork. You'll get more work if you get more good ratings and nice evaluations.  You could even make money from your holiday by writing about your holiday on a blog, or selling your travel articles to magazines and newspapers.

Language teacher

Being a language teacher comes with benefits, especially if you are and English teacher. Teaching English as a foreign language is a terrific method to make money while travelling if you're fluent in the language. The demand for English tutoring is enormous all around the world. If you're a domestic English speaker, you're in luck since employers and schools prefer to employ teachers who speak English as their primary language. To improve your chances of obtaining a job, you might want to consider taking a course like TEFL.

Online business

Having an online business is yet another great way to make money while on the go. All you need is a laptop and internet connection and you can even hotspot to your phone data or use internet cafes.   You can sell digital printables as one example which wouldn't require you to hold stock or post things whilst travelling.  Another way would require more technical skills. If you're adept at designing online platforms, such as Platincasino, you could definitely make some extra cash.  There are also lots of survey sites and get paid to sites that you can utilise when travelling to make extra cash, especially when you're on long journeys like trains or buses.  Check out my OhMyDosh review for a great way to make some extra money using this get paid to site.

Photographer / videographer

Working as a paid travel photographer is undoubtedly at the top of many aspiring photographers' bucket lists. If you want to make money as a travel photographer, there are a variety of creative options available to you. One of them is stock photography. Stock photography is an excellent method to profit from the photographs you create. These photo sites (such as SmugMug) are constantly on the lookout for images that will appeal to their customers. Fortunately, there will always be a demand for trip photography, so it's an exciting path to go, full of originality and possibilities. However, this goes the same with videographers.


Before you leave, we encourage that you start experimenting with these methods. This way, you'll know what works for you and have an opportunity to get feedback. Good luck and have a good time. Many people like to travel more but are too preoccupied with their careers and personal lives to do so. They also believe that it is not a financially viable choice. Enjoy travelling the globe unencumbered with these recommendations, knowing that there will always be money-making chances, so you may do what you love.