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5 fantastic ways to save money with online purchases

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5 fantastic ways to save money with online purchases

In the mood to save some money today? Aren’t we all!

We all know that online shopping is perhaps one of the best ways to buy items both small and big, but did you know that there are actually many different ways to save on purchases? Much like in-store discounts, it’s all about seeking opportunities and exploring different stores, so here are five fantastic ways to save money with all of your online purchases.

1. Sign up to mailing lists

Sign up to the website’s email listing and you’ll get discounts and deals sent straight to your email–very handy!

2. Look for second-hand bargains

With so many auction sites like eBay and the ability to purchase open-box items, you can find some brilliant deals on things like electronics if you’re willing to go the pre-owned option.

3. Follow social media

Online stores, especially small start-ups, love to post discount codes and talk about their latest deals on social media. If you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account, make sure you follow them for the best deals!

4. Look at price history websites

There are lots of price history sites on the internet that show just how cheap or expensive an item is. This can help you determine if the current sale is as low as it’s been, or if you can afford to wait a little longer for a seasonal sale where the price will drop.

5. Use comparison sites

Comparison sites are fantastic when there are multiple online stores that are selling the same thing. Just take a look at the infographic below to see just how much these sites affect UK markets!

Bonus tip - make sure you check discount code websites too for voucher codes and discounts.


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