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Adventurous family day out ideas for summer

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Summer is coming and now is the perfect time to start planning your family days out, holidays and adventures! 

If you are looking for some thrilling experiences for your whole family then here are some of the best suggestions for days out to really remember:

Track Days

For the Dads and teenagers why not book a car track day or driving experience?  You can take your own car to a track day  and whizz around with no speed limitations!  If you’d rather try out something made for speed then book a driving experience in a sports car.  If racing round a track isn’t your thing, then look into off road 4x4 driving.  You can often take passengers so older kids and teenagers may be able to enjoy the experience too.  Kids of ages 11-17 are able to take part in a junior experience with an instructor and drive a supercar themselves!  Younger kids will love the thrill of watching all the cars speed round the track and seeing Daddy whizz by!


What kid doesn’t love a rollercoaster or the excitement of a theme park?  There are plenty of destinations to choose from in the UK with Alton Towers and Thorpe Park being two of the most well-known.  Many parks have sections for younger children too so it’s a day the entire family can enjoy.  If someone has to wait with the kids then take advantage of the shorter single rider queues.


Paintballing is an exhilarating competitive sport which will feel like playing a real life video game!  Using a compressed gas gun you shoot pellets of paint at your opponents.  If hit, then you’re out!  Some larger centres offer low impact paintballing sessions with a minimum age of eight years old.  Other centres may have a minimum age of 12 or 15 so check with your nearest centre.

Tree Top Adventures

Something that’s been on my wish list for a long time is a trip to Go Ape to try their Tree Top Adventures.  Based high up in the trees of some of the most beautiful forests throughout the UK is a chance to swing, climb and navigate the high ropes to complete the course.  There’s also a junior section which is Suitable for those over 1m/3ft 3" tall.


From ages 6 to 60 go deep into the underground and complete challenges as a family.  Navigate your way through magnificent caves by crawling, climbing, walking and even wriggling!  It’s even possible to do caving indoors in a replica cave which is suitable for both adults and children for a 90 minute experience with realistic sights and sounds.

Indoor skydiving

So your three year old may not be able to jump out of a plane at ten thousand feet, but they can experience the safe and exciting world of indoor skydiving.  Yes you read that right, it’s suitable from age three!  Feel like you’re flying in a vertical wind tunnel, have a blast (literally) with the whole family!

Hopefully this list has inspired you to start thinking outside the box for whole family adventurous activities this summer.