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Kitchen cabinets: how to get your colour combinations spot on

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No kitchen is complete without cabinets - and usually lots of them. Carefully planned units help to keep these rooms neat and organised. But this storage isn’t just practical; it can make a style statement too and is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen. If you think your cooking space is in need of an overhaul, now could be the perfect time to rethink the colour combinations of your cabinets.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Don’t be afraid to mix things up

There’s a tendency to play it safe when it comes to colour, but there’s no rule saying you have to stick to the same hues when you’re choosing your cabinet finishes. To achieve a fresh, vibrant and dynamic look in this part of your home, why not mix your palette? For example, you could pick different tones for your wall cabinets and your island unit. As it suggests on the website of kitchen cabinet specialists, choosing a different shade for this unit will turn it into an accent piece and ensure it’s the focal point of the room. You might want to go for white walls, grey wall cabinets and a blue island to create a stylish and visually stimulating cooking area.  

If you don’t have an island, you could switch up the tones on your upper and lower units instead, creating a similarly striking look.

Consider understated neutral

If you’re a fan of more understated décor, an alternative is to combine neutral shades. For the ultimate in subtle chic, you could select white base cabinets and cream wall units. The difference between the two colours is so subtle that people might not even notice it when they first walk into the room, but this is a great way to balance crisp, clean and modern with soft and traditional.

A neutral scheme also gives you the perfect chance to add pops of colour, whether this is a statement oven and extractor hood or something as small and simple as a toaster or kettle.  

Make the most of monochrome

For the epitome of contemporary elegance, perhaps a monochrome scheme would suit your kitchen. The tuxedo effect you get from teaming up black and white is a classic look that always turns heads. For an open, airy look, it’s best to choose black for your base units and white for your upper cabinets, rather than the other way around.

If you like the idea of this style but you think black units are a bridge too far and might make your kitchen feel a bit closed in and oppressive, you could choose a suitable shade of grey instead.

To introduce a little extra warmth into a monochrome kitchen, think about introducing accent pieces in rich tones such as yellow, orange or red. From a standout piece of artwork to an eye-catching table and chairs set, these accessories can make the design scheme really come alive.

Final word

The key when it comes to getting your colour combinations spot on in your kitchen is to have a clear theme in mind and to know what look you’re trying to achieve overall in this part of your home.