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How to cut costs for your wedding

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Make no mistake, weddings are an expensive business. In the UK alone, the wedding industry is worth £10 billion a year, and costs are on the up.

Did you know that the average UK wedding costs £27,161? That’s more than the average salary! If the thought of spending so much on your wedding is making your stomach turn, then the good news is that you’re not alone. Many couples manage to achieve beautiful, memorable weddings at a fraction of the cost.  So, how can you have your dream day without the dream budget?

With some forward planning and shopping around you will still be able to have the wedding of your dreams.  For example, Look out for wedding package deals at local manor houses to make a great saving on your big day.  These are usually much cheaper than arranging a venue, catering and equipment separately.  You can usually book beautiful locations for plenty of guests with food included for only a few thousand pounds.  Make sure you search online to find competitive prices for all your wedding extras and entertainment such as affordable photo booth hire.  To to find your nearest photo booth try googling Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth or your location and get quotes from a few companies to find the best price.

Tips on how to cut costs for your wedding:

Have a smaller wedding

While you might initially want to invite hundreds of guests to your special day, it’s not always feasible to do so. There’s a cost-per-head associated with most weddings, and when you multiply it by 100 or 200, it soon starts looking frightening. Why not opt for a more intimate ceremony instead? You’ll still get to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, but your costs will be considerably lower.

Learn to make sacrifices

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you’re going to need to learn to make some sacrifices. You might not be able to have the elegant Chiavari chairs that are an extortionate extra at your venue, but does it really matter?  I’m sure you can choose something just as tasteful for less.  It can be difficult to make sacrifices for your wedding day, but thinking about what’s most important to you can help you work out where to spend the most money and where to cut back. If it’s a band you’re looking for, conduct a search of local bands at and go check them out. You never know, you might even be able to cut a deal for promoting their services or reducing their playing time!  Always remember to negotiate the fee if the quote is too high for you.


DIY weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and in the age of Pinterest and YouTube, it’s even easier to create many wedding elements yourself. A DIY garden wedding, if you have the space, is a great way to save on costs, and can make your wedding reception feel all the more intimate and special. There are many things you can do yourself for your wedding to save on costs, including making your own food, buying flowers from the garden centre instead of a florist and making your own bar. Get your friends and family involved to help you have the perfect day.

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Cut costs by shopping online

You can save a lot of money for your wedding by doing some savvy online shopping. From searching for discount codes for bridesmaids’ dresses, to buying discount gift cards from cashback apps and websites, or where people might be selling unused gift cards online, to buying your wedding essentials in bulk from abroad, to purchasing decors like table covers, you could end up saving hundreds of pounds without having to sacrifice anything. Take a look at some great money saving tips that will help you score some great bargains online.

Choose cheap wedding favours

Wedding favours are small gifts given to wedding guests. They are usually placed on the wedding table and served during the reception.

The idea of giving out favours is to thank the guest for attending your wedding. It's a thoughtful gesture that will make them feel special and appreciated. It can also be a great way to add your own personal touch to your big day by making them yourself, or choosing something that reflects your personalities.

There are many ways to save money on favours. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for each guest, just a little token is fine for each guest such as traditional sugared almonds or check out these cheap wedding favours ideas.

Final word

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Being clever with your wedding planning will help you bring your costs down so that you can enjoy the perfect day without ending up in loads of debt afterwards. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have a day to remember as you start this exciting new chapter in your lives together.