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FFS Friction Free Shaving razor subscription review

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I do love a good subscription, but for me I love one that is useful.  One that allows me to find brands I genuinely love or one that supplies me with something that is convenient and I no longer have to remember to buy, like razor blades.  In this blog post I am going to review the Friction Free Shaving razor subscription box for women, also known as FFS.

FFS is a women’s shaving club that provides a razor handle in the first package along with high quality razor blades.  Then as part of a paid subscription plan you can continue to receive replacement razor blades every one or two months.  Personally I use a razor blade more than once so I have my account set to send me a new set of four razors every other month.  This works out cheaper for me and means I change blades every two weeks.

They offer a cheaper plastic handle and cheaper blades, but I’d highly recommended choosing a metal handle in either silver or rose gold and having it engraved with your name!  I chose rose gold and had Victoria engraved.  Plus the metal handles come with an even higher quality 6 blade head.

Get started for £5 with free engraving

As I type this you can get started for only £5 with a silver or rose gold metal handle which comes with free engraving!  You’ll also get four razor blade heads.  For a fiver.

Then you’ll pay either monthly or every other month to receive a set of four more replacement razor blade heads.

Here’s what else is included:

  • Free delivery
  • Cancel anytime
  • Pause whenever you need to
  • Delivery straight to your door
  • In my second package I received a convenient holder which I now hang my razor on in the bathroom.


As an optional extra you can add their pre-shave scrub, shave cream or post-shave scrub to your order. 

My review

As you can probably guess I’m really pleased with my razor and the convenience of having blades posted to me every other month.  It’s also great to have a high quality razor as before I often picked up cheap plastic throwaway razors which always felt like they dragged on the skin giving me lumps and itchy patches.  The FFS razor blades leave me silky smooth and haven’t irritated my skin at all.

They are also quick at sorting any problems.  The first razor handle I received unfortunately had a misshapen bit of plastic so the blade head wouldn’t stay attached.  They quickly responded to me and sent out a replacement handle immediately.  The second handle was perfect and I’ve been using it a few months with great results.

I’ve had no problems with the blade heads themselves, they don’t rust quickly, they don’t scratch my legs to bits and I’ve not had any nicks since using them.  I get four replacement blades every two months for £9.  That’s £4.50 a month for my shaving efforts.  Not bad eh?

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