Wild natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

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Wild natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

I believe I have finally found the best natural deodorant in the UK which is also zero waste! Woohoo!

Plus, if you want to try it too I have a £5 off voucher for you!

The deodorant I am talking about is from Wild.  If you use my referral link then you will get a £5 off voucher for your first Wild natural deodorant order.

Who are Wild?

Wild, who I originally thought were called We Are Wild as that’s what their web address is, are a youngish company on a mission to stop the throwaway culture of bathroom products.

Many people, including myself, have transitioned to as many zero waste products as possible in the bathroom, but the one thing I struggled to find was an effective zero waste deodorant.

Until now.

Wild have successfully created a high quality natural deodorant in a zero waste case!

Wild natural deodorant is zero waste

They have managed to create a reusable deodorant case made from aluminium and recycled plastic.

The case does not need to be thrown away after use, but instead you can buy (or subscribe to) natural deodorant refills that are also plastic free.

The refills come in compostable and biodegradable natural bamboo pulp packaging.

Totally zero waste!

It’s the world’s first zero plastic deodorant refill.  A great accomplishment for Wild and one I am very happy to support!

Wild gives back

Not only are you supporting fewer toxins in the environment through choosing a natural beauty product, less waste on the planet by choosing a zero waste product, but you are also supporting good causes when choosing Wild for your deodorant needs.

“Offsetting is our priority. For every deodorant we sell, we will contribute a percentage of sales to our chosen climate charity 'On A Mission', to support their incredible reforestation projects.”

Wild natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Wild natural deodorant review

I have been a big fan of natural beauty products for many years now.  I started my natural beauty journey all the way back in 2012 after being curious to why some baby products were labelled paraben-free after I had my daughter.

It opened up a whole new passion and triggered a change in lifestyle for me once I started researching and realised companies weren’t bound by strict safety regulations and ingredients as I had so naively believed.

I quickly changed all my beauty care to natural products only once I started learning of the dangers of many widely used synthetic cosmetic and beauty ingredients.

Over the years I have tried many, many natural deodorants and none have been successful.  I even had to revert back to a horrible aluminium containing deodorant as nothing natural I tried met my needs. 

But I’m pleased to say I have now been using Wild deodorant for around two weeks and so far I am impressed.

It’s a solid stick style of deodorant which I much prefer to wet roll-ons which seem to take ages to dry!

I have the bergamot and my husband has the orange scent (we signed up together and going forward we will share one set of subscription refills!)

Both scents are really good!  The orange is probably my favourite of the two and I will try more scents with our next subscription delivery.

The case is really easy to use.  It came with full instructions on how to take apart the case and insert the deodorant refill. 

I chose an aqua case and my husband the silver.  They are nice looking, slick cases.  There are a few colour options and I can see on their social media that there’ll be more colours to choose from in the future.

Wild natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Is Wild natural deodorant good for excessive sweating?

I will admit, I do suffer from hyperhidrosis which is extreme sweating and no deodorant alone will ever stop my sweat.  I hope to have a treatment called Miradry in the future which will combat it once and for all!

So no, this deodorant doesn’t stop all sweating for those of us who suffer with an excessive sweating condition, but of all the natural deodorants I have tried so far, this is the most effective for me so far.

I look forward to seeing if it improves over time too, with continued use of the Wild deodorant.

Wild use tapioca starch in their natural deodorant formula as an effective natural ingredient to absorb moisture.

If you’re a regular sweater then I’m sure it will be totally perfect!  And lucky you!

But ultimately, even with my condition I really don’t want to use horrible chemicals under my arms and Wild contains harmful natural ingredients I don’t have to worry about each day.

“Our skincare products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from artificial fragrance, parabens, aluminium and sulphates.”

Discount code: £5 off Wild natural deodorant

Wild natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Now the part you have all been waiting for!  A whopping £5 off your first Wild order!

Simply click my Wild referral link to get your voucher code for £5 off your first Wild natural deodorant order: https://mention-me.com/m/ode/li5hf-0ca8eb7407

Whilst you can sign up for a subscription, which can be cancelled at any time, you can also choose a one-off starter pack if you prefer.



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