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How to attract more clients to your business

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No matter what industry, business owners look for the easiest and most inexpensive means of drawing new clients to their business. With the help of billboards, leaflets, marketing specialists and newspaper articles, this is somewhat effective - however, many of these offline tactics are outdated and not very effective when it comes to bringing new clients into your business. In fact, these methods may be costing you more than what you’re making from earned revenue. 

With many businesses, it's the same problem - too much money spent on marketing and not enough revenue gained from new clients. Instead, small businesses such as hair salons for example, are turning to more convenient and modern methods of attracting customers, without spending a fortune.

Utilising social media

Social media platforms have grown in popularity in recent years, with networking pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter spearheading their popularisation. Every successful business owner knows that in order for their enterprise to flourish, they must be present where their clients go - and for the hair and beauty industry, it's social media. Since we’re visual beings, pages such as Instagram are perfect for a business to promote its variety of beauty services via images. Potential clients know what quality of work they can expect when they see a hair salon’s work portfolio.

Social media and content marketing can be used as a way to promote and grow your business on Instagram. Instagram is a great social media platform for businesses to use because it has a large audience and it’s fairly easy to use. Plus, there are no regular display ads that interrupt the user’s browsing experience.

If your business can be creatively expressed visually, such as in a salon with amazing new hair styles or before and after shots, or you sell products, then growing your Instagram can result in growing your customer base if your products/services are displayed attractively on your Instagram grid.  This is possible through building an audience and creating high-quality content that connects with them on an emotional level while maintaining transparency.  

Additionally, pages like Facebook provide users with a list of customer reviews, which is often a deciding factor for potential customers when choosing a beauty business to visit. You can also use video marketing to promote your business on social media.  But before a customer looks your business up on these pages, they first need to hear about your salon, and this part is more difficult.

So how exactly do you get your name out?

Modern tools for getting the job done

In today’s day and age, with more access to online courses and advice, business owners are educating themselves in order to help grow and manage their enterprise more effectively. Instead of entrusting their business to a marketing specialist, some hair salon owners are taking matters into their own hands.

Online marketing courses for Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the more popular methods for building brand awareness. These tools allow the user to target a specific group of potential customers, based on their individual interests, gender, age and location. Once all of these criteria are determined, launching an ad, inviting this group of potential customers to visit your salon is a piece of cake. This group of people will then receive ads on Facebook and Instagram, encouraging them to visit the salon. Not only is this method less expensive than hiring a marketing guru to do it for you, you can also rest assured that your business is in your hands.

Another widely used and popular solution is the right software for your business, which can do far more than just promote your business.

Modern software for attracting clients

Although social media ads are a great way of attracting new clients to your business, the right software utilises your current clients and turns them into your most reliable brand promoters- however, only the best software for hair salons or your business type will suffice for this task. With the help a built in loyalty program, the system encourages clients to bring referred friends and family, for which they receive a number of points. With these points, your clients may choose from a number of rewards your salon offers. Clients will not only enjoy collecting points, they’ll also feel great about promoting a business they love.  Emails and text messages can be sent to customers to let them know about promotions and keep them in the loop.  Appointments can be booked and cancelled online with reminders sent automatically. 

Choosing modern age software developed with your business in mind will ensure your business runs smoothly in the digital age whilst offering your customers the flexibility to manage their appointments with ease.

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