Save money by maintaining your car tyres

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Save money by maintaining your car tyres

How much do you know about your car tyres?

I’ve written several times about car safety checks on this blog as it’s so important to maintain your car mainly for your own personal safety and those around you, but also because it’s a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Maintaining your car with regular services, the yearly MOT, having any concerns checked at a garage and doing a few checks yourself on a regular basis will help to prevent a breakdown and keep your car in tiptop condition.

This will prevent costly breakdowns in the future and causing any unnecessary damage to your car if issues can be spotted before they are major.  One of the main areas of your car that you can check yourself is the tyres and I’ll share in this blog post how exactly this will save you money.

Save money by regularly maintaining your car tyres

How to check your car tyres at home

Sadly I didn’t know as much as I thought, but I do know several ways to check your car tyres at home:

  • Check the pressure – I search online for ‘car tyre pressure’ and enter my car registration into an online checker to see the correct pressure for my front and back tyres.  The pressure is different for the front and back of my car.  I then use a portable pump to reach the correct pressure.  You can also get air at fuel stations.
  • Check for objects – Sometimes objects get stuck in the tyres which can cause a puncture resulting in a slow loss of air.  If you find an object such as a nail stuck I the tyre then it’s advisable to leave it there, as it may be plugging the hole which prevents air loss.  Drive to a local tyre centre where it can be removed and the puncture repaired, or a new tyre fitted.  If you are unsure of driving then call your local tyre centre for advice.
  • Check for wear and tear – Simply looking at the tyres to assess their condition can be a good way to indicate their state.  If they look worn and tired, then chances are they are.  Seek a professional opinion if this is the case.
  • Check the tread depth – 1.6mm is the legal minimum tread depth, but consider changing your tyres when the depth is 3mm.  1.6mm is too low in wet conditions and you don’t want to risk it wearing down any more, so change it before it hits the absolute minimum.

Save money by maintaining your car tyres

Not only will maintaining your car tyres and ensuring they are fit for purpose keep you and your loved ones safe, but it will also save you money!  Here’s how:

  • No costly breakdowns – If your car tyre is under inflated then this can cause a blow-out.  Not only is this a scary and dangerous situation to be in, especially if travelling at speed, but it will result in breakdown and recovery costs.
  • Better fuel efficiency – It’s estimated that 50% of the tyres on the road are under-inflated which is not only dangerous, but increases your fuel consumption!  Save money on fuel by regularly checking you have the correct pressure in your tyres.
  • Invalid insurance – If you are in an accident and your tyre tread is not the legal depth then this will render your car insurance invalid, meaning you’ll be liable for any costs as a result of the accident.
  • Spot suspension problems – Uneven wear on the tyres can point to other car issues such as a suspension issue.  Checking your tyres could flag these issues that can be fixed before they become a major problem.


Keeping your tyres maintained will keep you safe and save you money!  It’s a no-brainer.


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 Save money by regularly maintaining your car tyres