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Quick ways to save money

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Saving money feels just as good as spending it, honestly! There is nothing better than an unexpected bargain, especially when you can feel the purse strings tightening. Saving money doesn't have to feel frugal, in fact it can often be quite fun. Saving isn't about losing out, but about making fun frugal changes which makes your money go further. 

1.  Supermarket deals 

Supermarkets are becoming increasingly aware of waste and the environmental and social impacts of throwing away unsold food at the end of the day. Head to the supermarket a few hours before it closes to get the best deals on fresh food. It can result in some experimental cooking, and often you'll find fresh produce that you wouldn't normally try because it is usually too expensive.

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2. Coupons

We've all seen those episodes of Extreme Couponing, with rolls and rolls of kitchen paper stacked up in the living room. Although this may not be the best use of coupons, these extreme couponers know all about the thrill of a coupon. To use coupons effectively, stock up on essentials that you know you will need in the long term, and consider buying products that you use often. Using coupons can present a great opportunity to try out new products, but you don't want to end up with 50 bottles of deodorant that you can't stand to smell! 

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3. Savings aren't just for the kitchen... 

It can be easy to think that savings apply to boring household items, but you can find savings for holidays and exciting things to do in your free time. Booking vacations immediately after the winter holidays is the best time to make use of deals, as travel companies tend to reduce prices in January. For a staycation, take a look at deals on movies and gaming to fill your time at home. If you have never played online slots before, you could take advantage of free bet promotions, and take a bit of time out. If you fancy an adventure, you could book some cheap tickets for train travel and head cross country for a vacation. And remember to always check for cashback, no matter what you purchase or sign up for online – it’s free money!

4. Stop buying coffee 

If your coffee cravings are taking over, you might want to consider the impact it is having on your purse. Grabbing a coffee every couple of days can result in an extra spend of over £600! Many coffee outlets now offer discounts if you bring your own cup (and points for saving the environment!).  You can also buy some great coffee machines which may seem like a big investment at first, but in the long run, will reduce your daily spending on coffee.  Or just buy your own coffee – even buying a pack of organic ground coffee beans will only cost you the equivalent of a large cup of coffee shop coffee and they’ll make several cups!

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5. Drink a little less

Having a glass of wine in the evening is one of life's greatest pleasures for many people, however it is seriously detrimental to your health and your wallet. If you're drinking more than your recommended allowance, you might want to think about moderating what you drink. It won't just improve your health, but it will also put some more money back into your pocket. Add up how much you spend on alcohol if you’re a regular drinker and I bet you’ll be surprised.  Instead save that money and treat yourself to something nice, even perhaps an entire holiday if you spend a lot on alcohol or drink every day usually!  A few simple lifestyle choices can save money!

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6. Grab a jumper on colder days 

When the weather takes a turn, most of us make a move for the thermostat to fight the cold. You could save yourself some money and some energy by grabbing a sweater and layering up. So many of us are guilty of turning up the heat – next time you feel cold, pull on a sweater and if you're still feeling chilly, then reach for the thermostat. Once we hit constantly chilly weather, it is far more economical to keep the thermostat on for a long stretch on a low heat than it is to than it is to dial it up for short bursts.  Setting it at your desired temperature and leaving it at this will mean it will switch off once that temperature is reached instead of you switching it off and on constantly and trying to heat a freezing house.

Final word

You can make some great savings in small places that will add up. Try squirrelling away the money that you're saving and you will be able to splash out on something special. You could even try making a list of things that you want to buy with all that free money you'll save, and see if you can hit each target through your savings.