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5 ways you can reduce your kitchen waste today and save money

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I keep seeing the hype about Zero Waste everywhere and it’s a great initiative to get involved with.  I think the government need to start taking more action and enforce things such as companies only being able to use recyclable packaging, but until they do there are a few ways we can be more eco-conscious in our kitchens ourselves.

Here are 5 easy ways you can begin to reduce your kitchen waste today and save money:

Never buy single-use plastic straws

There is absolutely no need to buy throwaway single-use plastic straws for the home.  Even if you are having a party there are paper straw options available, which actually look much cooler!  The best thing to do is order some eco-straws.  I found mine on eBay and they’re made from metal and last a lifetime!  Simply wash them after use and clean with a tiny straw cleaning brush, then reuse them over and over again.  This will save money and stop so much unnecessary plastic waste.

Order an organic veg box

Have a search on Google and check out which local companies deliver organic vegetable boxes to your door.  We’ve used Abel and Cole before and currently use Wholegood via Ocado.  Friends of ours highly recommend Riverford.  Not only are you being kinder to the environment by supporting organic farming methods, but you’re supporting local farmers and bettering your health.  Organic veg boxes can be much better value than buying the same items singularly, so find the best deal.  Some companies have excellent enticing sign up offers including half price boxes or even a free box, so you can save a small fortune on your weekly veg.

Make use of veg scraps

If your county council has a food recycling scheme then use it!  It’s much better for something to be recycled and turned into something useful than thrown into landfill, even if it is food which can rot and degrade.  If you have pets then you may be able to give them your scraps, just check if there’s anything they can’t eat.  We have chickens and can give them most of our scraps which they really enjoy!  This will also save money on their regular feed.

Stop using cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes are handy, but they are not very environmentally friendly (even the biodegradable ones come in a plastic wrap) and they are very costly.  Instead, opt for a plant based cleaning spray and a fabric cloth that can be washed time and time again.  If you can find a bottle of concentrate cleaner that you water down yourself, even better. This will reduce plastic waste and save money in the long run.

Wash without detergent

So some of you may be lucky enough to have a utility room (it’s on my dream home wish list), but lots of us do our clothes washing in the kitchen too.  It’s totally possible to stop washing with detergent and fabric softener and instead wash and dry your clothes with Ecoeggs.  These clever balls are filled with natural mineral pellets that can last for an entire year, depending on the size ball you buy and amount of washing you do.  If you have a dryer then the dryer balls stop the need for any fabric softener as they soften the clothes as they dry.

Final word

There are so many ways you can start to reduce waste in the kitchen, be more eco-friendly and even save money in the process. 


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