How to create a relaxing room without spending a fortune

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Creating a relaxing space at home doesn't have to be complicated. In this blog post, we explore what you need to create a serene atmosphere without breaking the bank.

As Christmas has well and truly gone, it's now time to face the dreary couple of months until the weather gets better.  I’m always so ready for summer to start as soon as New Year is over!

If last year is anything to go by then winter is only just beginning.  We had two bouts of large snowfall in March last year.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sunnier and warmer start to spring in 2019!

Essentially, we may need to get into hibernation mode until the warm weather begins.  If you’re like me then you hate being cold and you want to be snug and cosy in your own home until the winter is over.   We may have little or no money left after the festive season, but there are some small investments or cost-free ideas we can make to ensure we have a cosy and relaxing home for the rest of winter.

Inspiring imagery

A talking piece always helps to tie a room together, and it doesn't have to be any stereotypical oil painting. You could get some inspirational quotes or sayings that go on the wall, which adds an air of modernity.  You don’t even have to spend anything as you could find some free downloadable quotes and images online.  If you’re OK at design then try free online service Canva to create your own design.  Print onto some glossy or matte photo paper and you’ve created your own wall imagery for next to nothing.   

This is also the time of year that many people are having clear outs or donating unwanted gifts to charity shops so pop along and see if you can pick up something to inspire you and your walls for the rest of winter.  An image that you can stare at and get lost within will suit your relaxing space well.

Cosy corners

Cosiness can be attained really simply. All you need are throws and chunky knitted patterns and you have got a makeshift cosy space. If you don't have a home that lends itself well to relaxation, make it a priority to set up a corner somewhere, purely for the purposes of relaxation. An armchair, a few cushions, and maybe a coffee table, and you've got a space purpose built for you to slump in and slip away.  Dig out your blankets, locate your cushions and let the cosiness begin!

Marvellous materials

From woolly materials to a wood-effect hard floor, the right materials can set us up for a relaxing room. You wouldn't think of laminated floor being a relaxing material, but it's all in the colour. Oak shades can be really warm, natural and inviting.  To make yours more cosy simply add a rug.  A rug will bring warmth into the room and ensure your feet aren’t always stepping on a cold hard floor.  A tufted carpet can feel sturdy, but also warm and comforting beneath your bare feet – again, add a rug if you have carpet and it’s not the softest or cosiest.

Spiking the senses

Releasing various smells into the home can help you in so many different ways. Whether you want to feel more ready for sleep by releasing lavender scents into the air, or you want to concentrating more on your night-time read, lemon can promote concentration, not to mention the fact that it is helpful if you are anxious.  It doesn’t have to be expensive either, or toxic.  A pack of Nag Champa incense sticks for a pound and you’re away!  Otherwise choose natural essential oil diffusers or plant-based candles.

Final word

To make a relaxing room in a home, you don't need to go overboard. Choosing your space wisely will help because you can make the most of a small area that goes unused. Or you can even transform a small room that's barely bigger than a cupboard into a relaxation haven. But when you feel cosy, you've done it!