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How to create a healthy home office

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One of the great benefits of working from home is being able to choose your own modern office furniture and décor.  You can set up your office space to suit your own tastes whether that’s a bustling montage of colour which inspires you, or a calmer more minimal relaxing home office. 

Whatever your most productive home office décor ideas are, there is one thing you should make sure you’re doing and that’s creating a healthy home office.

How can I have a healthy and productive home office?

Whilst sitting in bed, on the sofa or at the dining table are all certainly appealing options when working from home, they aren’t always going to be the best for our health or productivity. 

Here are several tips on how to create a healthy home office:

Don’t sit down all day

Sitting is the new smoking which means it’s terrible for our health to sit as much as many of us do.  Be creative with your home office and choose to stand instead.  There are standing desks built specifically with standing in mind, but to give yourself a choice then I’d recommend choosing an standing desk converter.  These clever converters allow you to sit or stand so you can mix it up throughout the day. 

Choose an ergonomic chair

When you do sit down then it’s important your spine is supported and you are sitting with the correct posture.  Chairs that tilt forwards slightly allow your spine to be straight and not hunched at the bottom which could result in back pain.  There are lots of ergonomic seats available nowadays and my favourite is the kneeling chair.  They take a little bit of getting used to, but they align your spine properly.

Opt for good lighting

In the daytime it’s good to allow as much natural light into the room for optimal health and productivity.  At night time you need to make sure the room is appropriately lit when working so you’re not squinting in poor light to read documents. 

Natural light can improve our mood so consider a daylight lamp for the winter months to keep motivation up.  For regular lamps choosing a white or blue hue bulb can help you feel more alert, whereas a yellow or orange glow will make you feel sleepier.

Add greenery

Dotting some houseplants around will certainly make the area look more attractive, but indoor plants also have lots of other benefits.  There are several studies that show houseplants can improve mood and productivity.  They also help to purify the air and keep us calm.

Keep it clean

One of the most basic ways to keep your home office healthy is to keep it clean.  These office hygiene facts prove just how unhygienic offices can be, so don't let your home office be the same!

Have water to hand

It can be so easy to get sucked into a big project and not leave your computer screen for hours on end, so make sure you have a bottle of water within reach.  Dehydration can result in poor mental performance, a reduction in productivity and eventually a headache.

Having knocked several glasses of water and tea over my laptop, I would definitely recommend a water bottle and flask to prevent any costly spills!

Pop a fruit bowl on your desk

Working at home means your snack cupboard is always within reach!  Counteract this temptation by popping a fruit bowl of irresistible colourful and juicy looking fruits right on your office desk.  Whenever you are feeling peckish for a snack you’ll be more likely to grab a fresh piece of healthy fruit if it’s sitting right in front of you.

Final word

There are lots of ways you can ensure your work environment at home is as healthy as possible.  This will make you more productive and protect your health in the long run.


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