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Turn your hobbies into money!

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Every year, it feels like the cost of living increases. Whether it is energy bills, credit card interest or all the new must-have services like streaming media from Spotify and Netflix, it can be difficult to find the money you need to cover all these costs.

Many people are now looking to other ways to make money, like working for a delivery or ride-share service or taking on a second job to fit around their existing employment. Every week it seems that there is a new news story about finding work in ‘the gig economy’, as more and more people look for new ways to generate some extra income.

How to turn your hobbies into cash

You don’t have to turn your car into a taxi or get on your bike to deliver food in order to make a little extra for bills and creature comforts, though. Here is a quick guide that can help you turn your hobbies and interests into a revenue stream to help you get the most from life.

Clear your old clutter – turn old clothes into new income

Every home has a ‘dumping ground’ where boxes of old clutter and unwanted items begin to build up and collect dust, but there is gold waiting to be mined in these collections of clutter.

There are many well-known auction sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace that can help anyone turn their trash into treasure. Old and unwanted clothes are an especially lucrative item to sell online. Sites like DePop are great for selling unwanted items from your wardrobe or cosmetics collection and turning your unwanted wardrobe into extra cash.

Selling our old and outgrown items makes me some income every single month as you’ll see in my monthly online income reports.

Do you enjoy a glass of wine? Invest in a bottle or two

Wines are often a little too easy to enjoy for most people, but they can also be an investment. Companies like Octavian can look after the best investment wines for you and let your favourite tipple increase value with its age. The value of many of the best investment wines increases beyond the rate of inflation, making them a better way to save money than some high street saving accounts!

Take your talent online and earn some extra money

If you have a musical talent or are particularly crafty, you can turn your talent into a revenue stream with sites like Fiverr or Etsy.

On Esty, you can craft your own products and easily sell and distribute them to eager customers. On Fiverr you can earn money with your singing voice or musical talent from other musicians that need to add a voice or instrument to their composition.

You can pretty much sell any of your skills on Fiverr that can be done remotely!

Final word

Sitting back and letting bills and costs pile up is a recipe for disaster. If you are feeling the heat from mounting costs, you can get off the couch and find yourself some extra income from household clutter or long forgotten musical talents.

Even if you don’t have the pressure of growing expenses, having a little extra cash in your pocket could give you the financial freedom you need to live better or save for a holiday or a trip to a show.

Hopefully, this guide has given you the inspiration you need to start bringing home some extra money to pay off any debt and treat yourself to something special.

My blog is filled to the brim with ideas on how to make money from home, most of which I’ve tried myself!  Have a look around now and find a way to make extra cash that suits you.