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The Restored Complete Multivitamin review: natural and vegan

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Around two and a half months ago I wrote a blog post about how The Restored foundations of health can improve sleep, nutrition, movement and mind-set.  I took The Restored online health quiz to discover which of their four foundations of health I should work on to boost my own health. 

The four foundations of health are sleep, movement, nutrition and mind-set.  It was recommended to me to focus on nutrition and I’m back today to review The Restored Complete Multivitamin and Essential Minerals.

I was kindly sent a pack of The Restored Complete Multivitamin for the purpose of this review.   Read on to see why I believe we all need to take a multivitamin every day, even if we’re already super duper healthy!


The Restored Complete Multivitamin review_ natural and vegan


Who are The Restored?

The Restored are an online retailer and health site that sell natural supplements as well as offering practical support and advice.  They want to make you feel better!  In August 2019 they launched a range of innovative health products and equipment such as back supports to improve posture.

If you’re feeling like your health is in need of a boost of something and you don’t know where to start then I recommend taking The Restored health quiz to see what they suggest.  Not only do they advise on which foundation of health you should focus on first, but they offer practical actionable advice too.  The type of advice you can easily incorporate into your everyday life to start feeling better.

Once you start focusing on one area of your health and improving it then you’ll start feeling better and naturally you’ll want to improve more, but take it one step at a time.  The Restored believe you should focus on the 20% of effort that will govern 80% of your results.  You do this by focusing on the part of your health that needs the most attention first.

The Restored Complete Multivitamin review: natural and vegan

The Restored Complete Multivitamin Review

I will admit, it was a surprise to me in my original blog post to be suggested nutrition as something to improve and I can only imagine it was because I selected that I’m a vegan.  I was expecting my sleep to need improving as that’s where I struggle, but also where I can’t always do much about it with having to work late and the kids waking me up in the night or super early!

My nutrition could always be better, but I’m sure most people can say the same.  Mine is probably way better than most though as I follow a plant-based vegan diet and cook homemade meals almost every evening.  I don’t drink alcohol and I avoid refined added sugar.  I also supplement my diet with spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera juice, B12 and liquid iron daily.  I was already taking some multivitamins too, but mostly just my children’s every other day or so!

But, my nutrition could always be better

I’m not perfect, as I said before, and we have chippy chips one night a week, a couple of meals out each month and we enjoy the odd tub of vegan ice-cream or slither of dark chocolate! After avoiding coffee for over five years I’ve also gone back to a cup each morning *insert emoji monkey covering eyes*

So I could be better, but I aim for 10 portions of fruit and veg almost every day, I go to the gym at least five days a week so I don’t feel too bad when I do have some chips or ice-cream every once in a while.  I think it’s OK to have a small treat every now and then so long as you are mindful about it and it doesn’t become a daily habit.

Anyway, that’s enough of me making me feel better about myself for my own nutrition choices!  The health quiz at The Restored suggested the Complete Multivitamins and I was keen to try them, no matter how healthy I think I already am!

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The Restored Complete Multivitamin is natural and vegan

Even without being a vegan, I still used to supplement my diet with natural multivitamins and natural supplements every day.  I am also very wary of synthetic vitamins and basically anything in food that is not from nature, so I much prefer to choose natural vitamins and of course they have to be vegan.

Luckily The Restored Complete Multivitamin ticks both these boxes as they are both vegan and natural!  They’re also made in the UK which is a bonus.

The Restored  says “Complete vitamins, essential minerals and micro-nutrients, formulated into our optimal Daily Health Blend provide essential nutrients at the right levels for good health. The only tablet above the government’s 100% recommended daily dose with no side effects. Our highest quality ingredients are highly absorbent, ensuring full nutritional benefits.” 

Even if we think we are healthy I believe it’s good to take a natural multivitamin and mineral tablet each day to ensure we are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. 

The Restored multivitamin review natural vegan

Why should we take a multivitamins and minerals?

Soil erosion and pollution means soil quality is deteriorating every year.  This results in our food not having as many vitamins and minerals in as they used to.  I’ve read numerous articles that share studies that say we need to eat 20 or more of a fruit to get the same amount of vitamins that one piece of that fruit would have provided in the 50s!  Here’s an example article saying one orange in the 1950s is equivalent to 21 oranges today!

Whilst we strive as a family to eat organic fruit and vegetables, not everything is available in our local stores in an organic variety.  Organic really should be the norm, but sadly it’s the alternative.  Constant pesticides and chemicals being sprayed on the crops may deter pests, but the produce is no longer fending for itself as it would naturally producing more antioxidants as it does so.

At the same time the soil and crops are doused in artificial fertilisers instead of crops being rotated and the soil given time to naturally replenish its own stocks of minerals.  Modern farming practices are causing fruits and vegetables to lose their nutritional value.  An apple is no longer as nutritious as it once was.

Fruits and vegetables also lose their nutritional value in storage and when cooked.  How long is it for that “fresh” piece of fruit or veg to be picked and end up on your plate?  Who really knows?!  It’s picked, then stored, then transported and sold to the supermarkets, then stored, then put out on shelves when needed, then sold to you and perhaps sat in your fridge or fruit bowl for a few more days, maybe even a week.  All whilst depleting in essential vitamins and minerals!  How fresh really is fresh?

And then we cook the vegetables and deprive it of even more of its nutritional content!

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Life is just too busy. The Restored are here to help.

In an ideal world we would all grow our own organic fruits and vegetables and eat them raw at the point of picking them for maximum nutritional value, but let’s face it… that’s not going to be a reality for any of us any time soon.

We have constant busy switched on lifestyles.  For many of us we are rushing about from pillar to pillar with overwhelming workloads and busy home lives.  We can barely keep up so we sometimes cook for convenience while sacrificing nutrition.

Even those of us with the best intentions can become so exhausted with modern day living and the pressures put upon us, that we have off-days or evenings where it’s more convenient to dial for a pizza and make ourselves feel better in the short term with a large bowl of ice-cream.

Taking a multivitamin and mineral isn’t a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but it should supplement it and ensure we are getting enough of what we need for our body to function properly.  Sure, it provides reassurance on the days that we skip the salad and choose the pizza, but ultimately it’s there to make sure we are getting enough of what we need if we aren’t already from the fruits and vegetables we eat each day which are more than likely lacking!

The restored says “We need more than 20 vitamins and minerals each day for good health.  Modern living makes it hard get all of those from food. That’s why taking a daily multivitamin is highly beneficial to health, even if your diet is already full of them.”

The Restored multivitamin review that feels better

Why choose The Restored Complete Multivitamins?

I really like the fact these vitamins are made with natural plant based ingredients and have 100% (or more) of everything I need. 

They also have ginger extract and optimised turmeric which are both so beneficial for health from naturally enhancing our energy levels in the morning, boosting our immune system and to providing anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.  This all helps to make us feel better, energised and prevent illness.

Another plus is that the packs contain 60 tablets so they last one person two months!  The dose is just one tablet per day in the morning.

I’ve already decided that I’ll continue to purchase these multivitamins and minerals.

Here are some more of the reasons why I’ll be making The Restored Complete Multivitamins my daily choice:

  • 100% natural (no side effects)
  • Bioactive
  • High absorbency
  • Vegan and plant based (no animal products)
  • Vegan vitamin D, B12 and iron
  • GMO free
  • 60 day supply (60 tablets in one bottle, enough to last two months!)

And here are some more brilliant reasons from The Restored themselves:

  • Complete vitamins, essential minerals and micro-nutrients, formulated into our optimal Daily Health Blend provide essential nutrients at the right levels for good health, every day.
  • Includes ingredients that complement each other. For example, there is no calcium in the multivitamin as including an effective amount of would reduce iron and zinc absorption.
  •  Vitamin C supports skin by contributing to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) contributes to the normal function of the heart.
  • All vitamins and minerals in bioactive forms meaning high absorbency, which maximises the nutritional benefits

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Phew.  I think that about sums it up!  Although I was sent these to review, I would definitely buy these myself and I plan on making them my regular daily multivitamin.  I’m very fussy when choosing a supplement like this as I need it to be vegan and want it to be natural, GM free and to contain certain things.  In particular it must contain B12, iron and vegan vitamin D.  This multivitamin ticks all the boxes and even has the added benefit of ginger extract and turmeric, of which I’m a huge fan.

I’m also excited to see more products coming soon on their website that are also right up my street such as matcha powder and super greens.

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