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Is selling on Amazon profitable?

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Have you heard about others making a profit on Amazon? Are you wondering how you can get in on the action? Are you wondering if it is even worth trying to get in on the action?

The answer is yes — there are ways to get involved on Amazon that will allow you to make an income. However, how much money you can make off Amazon all depends on how much time you’re able to invest and what your skillset looks like.

Whilst you might automatically think you need to sell products to make an income from Amazon, that’s not necessarily true.  There are several ways to make money from Amazon that don’t involve becoming a seller at all if ecommerce is not your thing.

Here are a few different methods you might want to consider.

Crowdsource on Amazon MTurk

If you’re looking for extra cash for fun purchases but don’t want the commitment of a part-time job, consider getting involved through Amazon MTurk. This program allows you to complete crowdsourcing tasks that range from taking surveys to transcribing audio to chatting with bots.

The way Amazon MTurk works is that researchers and businesses that need small tasks completed will upload work to the platform. You can then accept tasks. After work is completed, you’ll receive payment that you can then use on Amazon or deposit into your bank account.

Payment on MTurk varies by task. Some of the lowest paying tasks are only worth a penny, while some surveys might be worth several dollars. You’re probably not going to be able to earn a full-income this way, but you can certainly earn pocket money in your spare time instead of scrolling through social media newsfeeds!

Create books through Kindle Direct Publishing

Plenty of people have aspirations to write a book, but struggle to find a publisher that will accept their writing. These days, however, you don’t necessarily need a publisher to turn your dream into a reality.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows you to self-publish both physical and eBooks. You upload your content to the site and then other people can buy and read your books. You, of course, get a portion of the sales. The best part of KDP is that it can be a form of passive income. Once your book is published through the platform, you’ll always receive a portion of the sale!

The amount you can make through KDP really depends on how proficient a writer you are and what topics you’re interested in writing about. If you’re already running a successful blog, it is a great way to expand on your writing. Some people only make enough for some extra pocket cash while others make a livable income.

Join the Amazon Associates program

Another form of passive income is through the Amazon Associates program. This program allows you to get affiliate links that you can use on your blog or on social media. When people click on a link and make a purchase, you get a portion of the sale!

Amazon Associates works best for individuals that already have a following. If you run a blog, you can add affiliate links into posts for your followers to click on. If you’re active on social media, you can do brief reviews of products that will leave your followers wanting to make a purchase.

It does take a bit of time to get affiliate links set up. Once they are, however, you have a great form of passive income. All you need to do is keep writing those blogs or social media posts and finding a way to work the links into your writing.

Sell through Amazon FBA

Finally, if you’re more interested in making an income by selling products, Amazon FBA might be a good option. This program will store your inventory, ship your inventory, and provide customer support if something goes amiss. This is a great way to run an online store but have some of the messy logistics handled for you.

Your primary role is to find marketable inventory. Most people do this by buying bulk inventory that meets market demand. Learning how to sell on Amazon FBA takes time, but once you have a system in place, all you need to do is sit back and let the items sell.

People can make a full income by selling products. While it is important to note that Amazon will take a portion of the sales, you have to take into consideration what you’re saving by not having to store inventory, buy shipping materials, or pay for shipping costs.

Final thoughts

No matter if you’re looking for extra pocket money, supplemental income, or a full-time gig, there are ways to make a profit through Amazon. In addition to the methods mentioned above, some people have had success in delivering products through Amazon Flex or selling services through Amazon Services.  No matter what your preferred method of making money is, Amazon has a way for you to do it!