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Save money by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products

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 Save money by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products

It’s possible to help the environment and save money if you make your own homemade cleaning products whether you are in the UK or further afield.  It’s important for us to take care of Earth on a global scale and we should all work together to share knowledge and inspire one another to protect our home planet.  In this blog post I will share recipes for three DIY natural products that will help you to save money on cleaning and be eco-friendly.

Save money by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products (1)

Create a safe, natural environment for your family

Natural living is really important to me as it’s much healthier to be in a non-toxic environment than to live surrounded by chemicals.  It’s something I became a lot more aware of once I had children and wanted to provide the most natural, safe home environment for them to live in.  We wanted our children to eat organic food, especially as babies, have the mildest most natural products used on their skin, and not to be exposed to any toxicity if we could help it.

When it came to organic food we questioned why we fed our babies organic food and then stopped.  It didn’t make any sense!

Most of us want to give our babies the purest food and use the purest products on them to keep them as healthy as possible.  Then… what changes?  Why do we suddenly decide OK, now they can have toxic food and products?  It’s quite bizarre.  We should all be protecting ourselves and continuing to nourish our bodies with the most organic foods possible.

We should also continue to use the most natural plant-based beauty care as our children grow older and even as adults.  It’s the kindest for our skin and the environment.

As a parent I then realised my children were breathing in whatever I decided to use around the house.  Whilst I might have thought I was used to the strong chemical smells of the mainstream cleaning products I used, I actually have no idea what damage they were doing inside my body.  Many regular cleaning products are full of dangerous chemicals that affect our health, especially over time.

In trying to create a more natural and non-toxic home for our children, we also wanted to create it for ourselves.  We decided to change to natural cleaning products and severely limited our use of any harsh chemicals.  In fact, we found we rarely needed to use strong chemicals around the home at all and many milder, eco-friendly cleaning products were just as effective when used consistently.

Problem: plant-based cleaning products are expensive

The only problem is the plant-based natural cleaning product ranges in the supermarkets are a lot pricier than the chemical filled stuff.  It’s not right really.  Many are forced to choose the toxic products because they simply can’t afford to buy the greener brands.  In my opinion it should be the other way round.  The stuff filled with chemicals that are harmful to the planet and health should come at a premium to discourage its use.  Everyone should be ushered towards using eco-friendly alternatives.

Solution: save money and make your own green cleaning products

Luckily, there is a way you can get eco-friendly cleaning products at a fraction of the price!

You can make your own homemade natural products by following some really easy green cleaning recipes.

The ingredients for these recipes are non-toxic, natural, readily available and affordable.  In fact, you will likely save money even when compared to the cheap cost of any chemical filled cleaning products you used to buy.

Many of the ingredients needed for natural cleaning products are available in large sizes and bulk, especially online, so you can cut costs even more by buying in bulk.

Save money by keeping old plastic cleaning bottles and reusing them for your homemade cleaning solutions.

It’s also really easy to DIY your own cleaning products and there are numerous recipes online.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can put something together and how effective the cleaning solutions are.

Here are three straightforward green cleaning recipes to get you started:



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Save money by making your own eco-friendly cleaning products 


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