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The Best Career Pathways for Social Butterflies

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There’s truly nothing worse for a social butterfly than having to hold down a dull, lonely 9-5 desk job.

Being a ‘people person’ means that working as part of a team is often far better appreciated than independence, but equally working individually in a customer facing role might be just as suitable.

Uncovering a few of the best career pathways as a social butterfly doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think, as there are many wonderful ideas that you are bound to inspire you today.

So, whether you're entering the workforce for the first time or thinking of changing careers, then read on for some of the best options that you can explore to experience real job satisfaction in no time at all! 

Here are some careers that might suit social butterflies:

The Best Career Pathways for Social Butterflies

A school teacher 

One of the best jobs to research if you want to be in a people focused role is teaching. Working inside a school is most definitely a social job, as you’ll spend each day with several classes of up to 30 children, conversing with and showing them inspiring things to help their education. Being a school teacher requires several qualifications up to any beyond university level, but the hard work will all seem worth it once you are able to secure a rewarding role inside a respected educational establishment. 

Driving instructor 

If you want a little more independence yet still crave the benefits of a social job, then becoming a driving instructor might just be the ideal role for you. Driving instructor training courses are simple to complete, as you need nothing more than a drivers license and some good people's skills to show that you will be able to train your clients properly. It’s a big responsibility as learning to drive a car can be a dangerous experience, but you’ll spend each day teaching lots of different people who really want to learn to pass their driving test and are enthusiastic and ready to learn! 

Human resources 

Gaining a role inside a Human Resources department can be the perfect pathway for a social butterfly, as there are many people focused benefits that you can gain from such a role. First of all, HR staff can gain a unique perspective into a business thanks to the nature of the job. You can expect to build a strong understanding of a business's priorities as well as the challenges they face, but you may also get to influence the future of the business based on the decisions that you make regarding employees. A Human Resources department is responsible for handling all things employee related, so you’re sure to gain the opportunity to be social in this kind of job. If you're interested in pursuing a career in this field, consider enhancing your qualifications through accelerated psychology master's degree programs.

Event planner

Event planning is an ideal career for those who thrive in social settings and enjoy bringing people together. As an event planner, you'll be responsible for organising various gatherings, from corporate conferences to weddings and parties. This role involves collaborating with clients to understand their needs and preferences, coordinating with vendors and suppliers, and overseeing all aspects of the event, from logistics to decorations. Being a social butterfly is advantageous in this field, as networking and building relationships with clients, vendors, and other professionals are crucial for success. Whether it's mingling with guests at an event or negotiating contracts with suppliers, social skills play a significant role in ensuring the success of each event.

Sales representative

Sales representatives play a vital role in driving revenue for companies by selling products or services to clients. For social types who enjoy interacting with people and building relationships, a career in sales can be highly rewarding. As a sales representative, you'll engage with potential clients, understand their needs, and present solutions that meet their requirements. Building rapport and trust with customers is essential, as it can lead to long-term relationships and repeat business. Whether you're attending networking events, making cold calls, or conducting product demonstrations, strong communication and interpersonal skills are key to succeeding in this field.

Public relations specialist

Public relations specialists are responsible for managing the reputation of individuals, organisations, or brands. This role involves crafting compelling messages, liaising with the media, and maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders. Social people excel in this field due to their ability to connect with people, whether it's journalists, clients, or the public. Building and maintaining a strong network of contacts is essential for securing media coverage, organising events, and managing crisis communications. Public relations specialists often find themselves attending social gatherings, networking events, and industry conferences to promote their clients and build their professional network.

Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinators play a crucial role in executing marketing campaigns and strategies to promote products or services. This role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, managing projects, and engaging with target audiences through various channels. Social folk thrive in this field as they enjoy working in collaborative environments and communicating with diverse stakeholders. Whether it's brainstorming ideas with colleagues, liaising with clients, or engaging with customers on social media platforms, strong interpersonal skills are essential for success. Marketing coordinators often find themselves attending industry events, networking with peers, and building relationships with clients to drive marketing initiatives forward.

Hospitality manager

Hospitality managers oversee the operations of hotels, restaurants, or venues, ensuring that guests have a positive experience. This role involves managing staff, coordinating events, and addressing customer concerns to maintain high levels of satisfaction. Social butterflies are well-suited to this career as they enjoy interacting with people and creating memorable experiences. Whether it's welcoming guests at a hotel reception, networking with potential clients, or resolving customer complaints, strong interpersonal skills are essential for success. Hospitality managers often find themselves attending industry events, building relationships with suppliers, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for guests and staff alike.

More great career suggestions for social butterflies

If the above don't tickle your fancy, then here are even more suggestions of careers for those who love to socialise:

  • Fundraiser
  • Public speaker/motivational speaker
  • Tour guide
  • Social media manager
  • Bar / nightclub manager
  • Networking event manager
  • Party planner
  • Wedding planner
  • Recruiter
  • Restaurant manager

Finding the perfect career pathway as a people focused social butterfly has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the amazing ideas detailed above!

Whether you choose to become a school teacher and inspire the next generation, train others on how to drive a car or work inside a quality human resources department, any of these roles would be an equally rewarding opportunity. 

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The best career pathways for social butterflies