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How learning a foreign language can increase your career opportunities

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It is more common today than ever to speak more than one language. Along with the brain benefits such as improved memory, improved creativity, and greater empathy, there are also incredible career benefits you gain from learning a foreign language. 

While it is ideal to start learning a language at as young of an age as possible, it is still very doable at any age. Here some ways you can learn a new language as an adult:

How learning a foreign language can increase your career opportunities (3)

How to learn a new language as an adult

·         Use a language app

Language apps provide you with a focused learning environment that you can access wherever you are, whenever you have the time, as long as you have a smart device!

One of the language apps with great reviews is Babbel, and the website states that “92% of Babbel users improve their language proficiency in just 2 months. Provided you put in the time and effort, this is a realistic and effective language learning method for adults (and children!)

·         Watch television

You can make watching television an educational activity by watching it with audio and/or subtitles in the language you are learning. Many people find it beneficial to re-watch a favorite show or movie they already know and love so you are already familiar with the storyline and can focus on the grammar, new vocabulary, and expressions.

·         Listen to podcasts and/or YouTube videos

Listening to content in the language you are trying to learn, whether it is via a podcast or online video, is a cost-effective and easy method to boost your language skills. You can focus on them for an intentional language lesson, or even play them in the background when you are doing other things so your ear becomes more in tune with the language.

·         Join a conversation group

Nowadays, there are many ways you can get together with other people who are learning your intended language as well. Whether in person or online, getting practice with really speaking the language is crucial.

How learning a foreign language can help you in your career

In today’s globalized world, knowing a foreign language can open many doors and opportunities for you in your career.  If you want to work in a specific industry, for example, knowing a specific language may be useful.

Or if you know where you want to work, it can be beneficial to learn the primary and second languages spoken.

Language skills are one of the most desirable skills that employers look for, so as you advance with your language skills, be sure to include them on your CV/professional profile!

For example, if you live or want to live in a city where English and French are the two primary languages, having even conversational language skills in a second language can be immensely desirable.  If French is your second language, you can get the help of a French tutor online to improve proficiency through interactive lessons and personalised guidance

If you are currently working for or would like to work for a specific company that has HQ in another country or works specifically with customers or partners abroad, knowing the local language can lead to career advancement and open doors to new opportunities as well.

Since many executives and management level employees at a company work at the HQ, if you work in a different office, this can be especially useful so you can communicate in their native language.

This could even lead to a visit to HQ and potentially open the door for you to opportunities that wouldn’t be as possible otherwise.

Boost your career with a new language

Contrary to what is generally believed, learning a language as an adult is not more difficult and it can be done successfully!

It is all about knowing your learning style and putting in the time to focus on your language learning.

The career and personal benefits are well worth it!

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