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5 ways to make money online if you love to teach others

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If you have a passion for teaching and are looking for ways to make additional income then teaching online is perfect for you.

There are many ways to become an online educator and supplement your existing income.  In this blog post I will explore five different ways you can make money online through teaching.

1. Make extra cash as an online tutor

The internet has made it possible to learn or teach online, wherever you are and pretty much whenever you want to.

Nowadays finding a tutor who can teach almost anything you desire is possible.  Previously you would need to find a local tutor to come to your house or go to theirs, but online tutoring has opened up the possibility for a tutor to teach a student no matter where their location.

This is great news for you if you love to teach and don’t want to be bound by the restrictions of the local market only.  If you are a qualified teacher then you can register on an online tutoring platform to offer your services far and wide.  You can tutor at the weekends or evenings around a full-time job, or you may even consider building it up into a more flexible full-time career choice.

On many platforms you can set your own hourly rate and, depending on your experience and demand, make approximately £30 to £70 per hour.  

Teaching English online has become an excellent option for people looking to become an online tutor.  If you speak fluent English then you can easily train to become an accredited TEFL tutor online.

2. Sell an online course

Even if you are not a qualified teacher, there are still ways to make money online if you can provide value to others and provide them knowledge they are willing to pay for.

If you’ve become an expert in your field or built a successful business then people may pay to learn your secrets of success!

It’s not just online universities and colleges that offer online courses anymore, but all sorts of business folk, bloggers, influencers and regular people.

Maybe you’ve mastered affiliate income on Pinterest and it’s now your full-time income?  You could create an online course to share the steps you took so others can do the same.

3. Use video conferencing to make your existing services digital

Think outside the box about how you can use your skills online to help and teach others through video chat.

Perhaps you usually offer holistic treatments and therapies in-person?  Maybe you can combine this passion with your love to teach.

By offering some of your holistic services online via video chat you can reach people globally!  For example, you can offer one-to-one Skype sessions to teach techniques to mums to destress.

4. Self-publish a book

You can make money on Amazon as a self-published author and it’s even free to get started!

Teach others by writing your own eBook and self-publish using Kindle Direct Publishing.  KDP allows you to reach millions of readers on Amazon with eBooks and even paperbacks at no cost to you.

You’ll earn up to 70% royalty on sales.  Plus, once your book is out there, well, it’s out there.  It can continue to sell and bring in extra income forever more.  If you can teach people through writing a book then it’s a great passive income source.

5. Get creative on Etsy

If arts and crafts are your thing you can of course become an online tutor or offer video tutorials or lessons, but you can also sell teaching kits on Etsy.

Perhaps you’re a dab hand at macramé?  Why not create a kit that you can sell so others can learn the skill and make one of your designs?

It’s a great way to share your passion and teach others by providing the instructions and materials they need.  Plus you can make some profit in the process.

These make your own rainbow kits are a great example.

Final word

If you love to teach people then there are a lot of ways you can share your expertise online.  Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to think about ways to make extra cash online by educating others.