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Top industries growing in Arlington

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Arlington, well-known for it's National Cemetery, is a city that's springing forward more and more every year.  Becoming more cutting edge in multiple industries gives it the chance to grow its economy and make room for more newcomers.  If you want to ride the waves of this growth, it's good to know which industries are booming!  Here are the most quickly growing types of businesses in Arlington; get in before it's too late!

Tech Companies

The home of Rosetta Stone’s language learning software, Arlington has a great history and fantastic presence with technology companies.  The competition for hiring within these companies is fierce, each offering more opportunities for their employees, with a fight to the top that for once benefits those who work for them.  This refreshing approach has allowed employees to give back more and is increasing worker morale in return.

Several new startups pop into the public consciousness every day. Because of the popularity of investing in technology companies right now (in the hopes of a big win), they're able to get their feet under themselves for a fighting chance.  If you want to pick a business type to start in Arlington, and you're not afraid to get creative, the technology industry is your best choice.

The investment industry usually gets counted as just one. Still, because of how different its parts are and how differently they're growing, they will be listed here as two separate ones.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate in Arlington isn’t staying on the market very long, with real estate investors excited and individual buyers rushing to buy as much as possible.  For those who flip homes, this is the moment they've been waiting for.  Now is the time to sell since some home sales turn into auctions even if they didn't start that way.

Now’s the time for those who lend money to invest in those buying Arlington real estate.  Because it's a seller's market and buyers are desperate, you can lend a higher interest rate without much pushback.  Although they may eventually refinance, for now, it's a great way to add to your investment portfolio.

Intangible Investment

With the modest rise of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, and the startlingly fast popularity of NFTs, more eyes than ever are on the stock market and investing intangibly.  In Arlington, because of how quickly technology companies are building up and succeeding, you have more options to build an investment portfolio than most others.

This means investing in businesses that are riskier, taking chances on things that haven’t fully proved themselves yet, and riding the highs and lows that happen every day you’ve invested.  Brokers and agents who work in finances can charge a higher rate, and many people are starting investment businesses to help egg these investors along.  Although this is the riskiest business, you can be the least prone to lawsuits if you know what you're doing. If you're confident, you can achieve anything.


Arlington is an incredible city with a long past, but keeping an eye on its future within these industries is the best way to watch it grow.


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