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3 B2B companies that are making their mark

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Businesses are often portrayed as individualistic endeavours, as though the success of every profitable SME was down to a handful of visionary entrepreneurs.

It’s an appealing thought – but in reality, it’s no more than a fantasy.

Take Richard Branson. While there’s no arguing that he’s an impressive figure in his field, as well as a PR genius, every hustle attributed to Virgin wasn’t his idea. Instead, his role is largely that of an expert delegator, someone who can pinpoint the talents of those around him and exploit them to their fullest extent.

And he’s simply one example of many. When looked at in the right light, an entrepreneur is a combination of charisma and people skills, but their success lies in their ability to harness the talents of others.

In many cases, a savvy business owner doesn’t even need those skills to be in-house. Instead, they farm out certain tasks to specialist companies, saving the need to strain their finances on a new division in their SME.

The same applies to your business. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a hardened veteran, knowing when to outsource is one of the foundational elements of staying profitable.

To show you what we mean, we’ve found three specialist B2B companies filling important niches. Take a look and see how outsourcing can help your business.

3 B2B companies that are making their mark

1. Avacta Animal Health

Avacta Animal Health is a UK-based company that’s positioned itself as an invaluable resource to veterinary practices across the country.

Staffed by a team of highly trained scientists, the primary aim of Avacta Animal Health is to advance allergy research in pets.

Vets that don’t have the facilities to test for allergies in cats, dogs or any other animal can send a sample to Avacta and receive reliable results back in a short period of time.

Given the high number of allergies that pets can face – approximately 10-30% of dogs suffer allergic reactions, according to Avacta’s site – this is a vital B2B service.

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2. IBM Cloud

Unless you’re an expansive and profitable tech company, it’s unlikely that you can afford a wealth of onsite computer storage space. And yet, in the globalised and increasingly computer-focused world we live in, having access to terabytes of storage is necessary for even small-scale companies.

That’s why cloud computing has become big business in recent years, and IBM Cloud is one of the best. Offering vast quantities of storage in offsite servers on its virtual cloud, computing legend IBM has become an incredible tool for a huge number of SMEs.

3. Mailchimp

Back in the old days, creating an email template took hours of your in-house IT professional’s time, making mass email marketing barely worth the effort.

Enter Mailchimp, which allows for simple email creation, as well as readymade templates that only need your company’s name on them.

Mailchimp has become the gold standard in timesaving business tools, and has made connecting with customers that little bit easier.


Those are our B2B recommendations. We hope these examples have shown you the power of outsourcing for your business whether large or small!


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