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How to start a career in finance

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If you’re interested in a career in finance then you may be wondering how to get started on this exciting career path.  From accountancy to investment management and banking to insurance, there are a variety of career choices when it comes to finance.

There are also a variety of options when it comes to how begin your career in finance.  You may choose to go to university to study a finance degree, or you may opt for a school leaver programme to earn whilst you learn.  There are also career-enhancing internships to boost your career in finance and learn valuable skills in curated finance placements.

Read on to learn some of the best ways to get started with a career in finance.

Ensure you have at least 5 well graded GCSEs

Most jobs, including those in the finance sector, require five or more A* to C / 9 to 4 grade GCSEs which must include maths and English.  The financial industry is competitive so the better grades you can get at school from as early as GCSEs, the better.

Opt for the most suitable A-Levels for a career in finance if you wish to study finance at university

If you know from an early age that you wish to pursue a career in finance then you’ll need to opt for the most suitable A-levels to gain entry onto a finance degree at university.  If you know the course you wish to study at university then you can easily check the entry requirements for university courses online.  For example, to study Accounting and Finance at Manchester University you must have at least one of your A-Levels in the following subjects: Accounting, Anthropology, Business Studies, Classics, Economics, English Language/Literature, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Law, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Use of Mathematics and World Development.

Apply for a finance based internship to gain valuable finance experience

An internship is a trainee position that may be paid, partially paid, unpaid or you may even need to pay for the internship.  Its purpose is to gain work experience and get an insight into the industry.  Many internships require a university degree.  A career-boosting Finance and Accounting Internship in London can be the perfect way to gain valuable experience in this world renowned global financial centre.  London is home to a variety of international finance firms covering all sorts of financial sectors, making it an ideal location to secure an internship related to your future finance career goals.  With placements from one month to six months you can find an internship to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Choose a finance apprenticeship as a school leaver

Not all finance roles require a university degree and if university isn’t the right choice for you, then you can opt for on-the-job-training with a finance apprenticeship, such as a banking apprenticeship with one of the major banks.  An apprenticeship offers a salary, a real job, as well as academic training; so you can earn whilst you learn and start your career in finance from ages 16-24.  You may be required to work full-time and study towards your professional qualifications in your own time.  Alternatively, you may have day release from your job to attend college or the big banks may even have classrooms on site.

How to start a career in finance

Ultimately there are two ways to start a career in finance.  You can opt for the university route and use internships to boost your career prospects, or as a school leaver you can choose an apprenticeship.  Either way, it pays to get the best GCSE results possible to improve your chances of getting access to the course or apprenticeship you desire.

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