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How to start trading with RoboMarkets

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With more and more hype being generated about buying and trading stocks or trading forex it can be a challenge to always know where to start and what to invest in. RoboMarkets is a European stockbroker that offers trading over thousands of different instruments across a variety of asset groupings.

It allows clients to be able to connect to the financial market anywhere within the world using popular and widely recognised MT4, MT5 and the proprietary R traders terminal. 

RoboMarkets has grown rapidly since it was established back in 2012 and offers all of the regulatory protections as regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission which are both highly regarded. 

Now a registered company across 29 European countries, RoboMarkets has now won multiple awards over their more recent years. Not only are they reputable, but they offer their clients access to the trading platforms, access to cutting edge technologies, whilst having an exceptional multilingual customer support team available day or night to service and support any needs or queries you may have. 

If you are keen to understand more about RoboMarkets and how as a beginner you too can go ahead and start investing in stocks, please take a look at the following infographic. It breaks it down into understandable components and guides on how to enter, how to make your first investments and details on some of the world leading companies when it comes to investments. This infographic makes it easy to understand the basics and grasp an understanding of how to enter into trading. 

Infographic designed by RoboMarkets