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Updates for the kitchen without a total remodel

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Sometimes a renovation is not what's needed. You can update your kitchen by changing the paint colour, adding new cabinet hardware, or upgrading appliances. Here are some more ideas for how to easily update your kitchen without a total renovation. 

Sleek updates for your kitchen

When it comes to remodelling the house, one of the greatest improvements that you can take on is updating your prized kitchen. However, it is often ridiculously expensive to remodel an entire kitchen, to buy everything new and pay for the labour involved.  This means it's not often we update our kitchens in their entirety.  But if you are getting bored with your current design, then there are some smaller updates you can make that will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen.

There are virtually limitless options when it comes to remodelling the kitchen, but since you don't want to remodel the entire thing all at once, here are four ideas for small renovations you can do in your kitchen.

Update your kitchen flooring

What is not to love about a flooring redesign in your kitchen? The flooring of a room can take on a lot of wear and tear as it experiences much traffic from the occupants of the house. It is important that the flooring in your kitchen maintains a good aesthetic appearance as that will have much to do with the impression your guests get of how clean your kitchen is. It is not something you want to neglect.

Firstly, you will have to decide if you will choose vinyl plank vs laminate. Once you make this decision, then you will be able to move forward with actually replacing the flooring. It is a wonderful project to take on and you will find that it drastically improves the appearance of your kitchen.

A big no-no in kitchens would be carpet.  It's a place where many spills and stains can take place, so stick to an easy to clean hard floor such as vinyl plank, laminate or tiles that are suitable for use in the kitchen with water resistant features.

Easily update kitchen cupboards with these tips

Why not redo the cupboards in your kitchen? The cupboards take on a lot of wear and tear as much material is moved in and out of them on a daily basis. If you cook a lot in your kitchen, you will find that you use your cupboards more than other people and they may wear quicker.  They are also one aspect of the kitchen that can quickly look outdated with styles changing regularly year on year.

Not only does it benefit you to redo your cupboards in order to increase their wearability, but it also adds a fresh new look to the kitchen. Simply changing the cupboard doors can make your kitchen appear brand new!  You may choose to redo your cupboards in a different colour than you have painted them before.  This is an easy and affordable way to update wooden kitchen cupboards that can be painted with ease. Another affordable solution is to change the handles of the cupboards for something unique or modern.

Replace your refrigerator for aesthetic appeal

Another way you can amend your kitchen is to change out your appliances. You may choose to get a new refrigerator, for example.  Again, this can make a big difference to the look of your kitchen as you can choose a more sleek, modern design or you could opt for something with a retro finish!  The fridge doesn't have to be purely for function... it can look great too!

There are so many new technologies when it comes to refrigerators and right now one of the most popular technologies are smart refrigerators. These are fridges that are run by your smartphone and will take requests just like you can do with Alexa.  You may be able to control the temperature of these refrigerators with your phone and an application that you have downloaded on your phone.

Think about your kitchen windows and their dressings

Your windows really frame your kitchen. The window treatments that you use will create an entire mood in your kitchen without you even knowing it. You can redo your window fixtures in order to create a new look in your kitchen. Whether you have hurricane-proof windows or regular windows, what really matters in terms of aesthetics is the fixtures and dressings that you use to decorate your window.

Do you use curtains on the windows in your kitchen? Do you use a valance on the windows in your kitchen? Or do you just have plain blinds? The window fixtures you use in your kitchen can make quite a fashion statement.  Even if you have a rather plain kitchen or neutral design, you can bring a pop of colour or pattern to the window blinds or curtains.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen for a shabby chic or vintage style, you can switch from regular blinds to a valance or drapes. This will add a vintage look to your windows and will drastically increase their aesthetic appearance.

Or for a cottage feel, have you ever thought about installing shutters if space allows?  There are lots of ideas for the window of the kitchen and it can become the main feature of the room.


Whilst it may be your dream to rip out your entire kitchen and start from scratch, that's not always financially viable.  Instead, look at what you can afford and make some amendments that will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen.