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8 ways to save money on household appliances

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We all rely and depend on so many household appliances nowadays that allow us to get on with our daily lives with ease.  But every now and then one of them will begin to fault or unexpectedly break on us. 

Hopefully we’ve all been sensible enough to save an emergency fund to cover such situations, but even so or if budget is tight, there are several ways we can save money on household appliances:

8 ways to save money on household appliances

1. Buy quality in the first instance

OK so not great advice if an appliance has just broke, but worth considering for your new purchase.  Quality often pays, so make sure you are buying a high quality appliance in the first place that will last longer and perform well. 

It’s also highly recommended to buy an appliance with a good energy rating such as A or above as this will also save money on your household bills.

2. Wait for the sales

If it’s not totally broken yet and you can hold out a little longer, then wait for the end of season or end of line sales.  This is where you’re going to find the best bargains, particularly if lines are discontinued and new ranges are coming into the stores.

3. Check for imperfections

If you’re buying in store then check for imperfections.  We managed to negotiate a substantial discount off a washing machine once as it had a few dents and scratches from being on display in the store for so long.  If you can find a mark or scratch then don’t be afraid to ask for a discount as the goods aren’t in perfect condition. 

4. Try a deal hunting community

There are now websites such as Latest Deals where people like you and I can share the best deals we have found online.  These can be items in the sales or a voucher code.  Check out their Dyson V6 deals page where you can save over 50% on a new Dyson vacuum thanks to people sharing the bargains they have already found!

5. Buy second hand

Check out Facebook Marketplace and eBay to see if you can find a second hand item.  Often people are simply redecorating and changing a colour scheme so you can grab used kitchen appliances, for example, that work just fine.

6. Use Cashback sites

Never underestimate the power of cashback sites.  Not only can they offer cashback of a certain percentage of your order for most well-known retailers, but they often have their own exclusive discount codes too.  Sometimes you can hit a double whammy and get a discount and cashback in one swoop!


7. Search voucher sites

If the above isn’t finding what you need then search for department stores voucher sites to see if you can find a general code for the retailer you need.  There are also handy shopping browser extensions that can do this job for you so you don’t even have to search; they simply tell you if there’s a voucher code for the site you are already on, saving you the hassle of searching.

8. Find a B-Grade store

Search your local area for a B-Grade appliance store.  These stores sell ex-display item, appliances with marks or returns.  They should be in perfect working order, but they’ll be a fraction of the original cost.

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Bonus tip!  Repair, instead of replace

If you are replacing an appliance because it’s broken, then it might actually be cheaper to repair it instead.  Just because something doesn’t work as it used to or has stopped working altogether, it doesn’t mean it’s totally kaput!

Instead, check if you have a manufacturer warranty or guarantee as it may be repaired or replaced for free.  Otherwise, use a reputable repair company near to you and get a quote to see if it’s cheaper than replacing altogether.

Shop smarter

With a little savvy shopping we can all find a bargain and a way to save extra money when replacing household appliances.