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Advanced SEO techniques for outlasting the competition

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Check out this article to learn how you can outlast the competition with advanced SEO techniques.

Advanced SEO techniques for outlasting the competition

Developing a site or blog is more complicated than ever because of the high amount of competition. On top of this, YouTube videos are beginning to outperform blogs for many of the most popular search topics on SERPs as Google pushes their platform. Yet with further knowledge about advanced SEO techniques, you can get a lead on your competition and boost rankings.

LSI keywords

Keyword research is a vital part of SEO. They inform the search engine crawlers what your site content is about. Yet crawlers have evolved to include far more than keywords and phrases as part of their ranking criteria. One such tool is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). 

LSI is old tech, but it is used today. LSI keywords are phrases semantically linked to your focus keywords. Back in the day, a search engine would display results based on repeated keywords. For example, you may operate a parental control website, but this could refer to web safety (visit this link) or instructing children how to behave. So, a search engine looks for related words. 

In this case, they could be Wi-Fi, content blocking and screen time. This way the crawler knows your site is parental control for web safety and not how to teach your children. So, how do you incorporate LSI keywords? 

One method is to use Google’s Autocomplete when searching. Type your focus keyword, note the suggestions Google displays and try to incorporate them into your post. Note that these are not synonyms. Instead, they are words related to your main topic.

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eCommerce categories

You can leverage your category pages for your eCommerce sites with some simple changes. If you are familiar with on-page SEO, then you will have no trouble at all implementing the changes required for category SEO:

  • Use title tags: the title tag is the first thing Google looks at when crawling your site. So make it as descriptive and relevant as possible.

  • Include relevant headings: headings tell a crawler what a page is about and, as such, should support the page’s title tag.

  • Write descriptive body text: write a short and descriptive paragraph about what you offer concerning the category page. This will help with SEO ranking.

  • Use descriptive links: use links to specific products or related categories. Try not to use “click here” links as a crawler cannot determine what you mean.

  • Incorporate navigation: make navigation to related categories easy. Use descriptive words that link to relevant categories and sub-categories. 

  • Don’t forget headers and footers: incorporate researched links with organic value to categories not listed in your main navigation. For example, “Best Selling Toys for Xmas 2021”. 

Categories are generally highly competitive keywords and it can be hard to be seen in a crowded online marketplace.  Yet combining these elements as part of an overall category SEO campaign will help boost ranking and outperform the competition.

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Click depth

Internal linking is vital for SEO. It can provide a route for a search engine crawler to follow to understand your site better. Google can form a picture of your site’s overall content and relevance to search terms by giving internal descriptive links. Click depth is the number of clicks required for each piece of content from the Home Page for users and crawlers. 

A page directly linked from the Home Page has a click depth of 1, a link on that page has a click depth of 2, and so on. This is important for your SEO since Google’s recent major update factors ease of use into its ranking system. In addition, Google’s John Mueller is on record as attesting that click depth is more important than site structure for rankings. 

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