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Fun Games To Play At Home When Bored

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Looking for fun games to play at home when bored? With these games, you can enjoy an entire afternoon of fun and laughter with your friends and family, with adults or kids, or even on your own!

Fun games to play at home when bored

Fun Games To Play At Home When Bored

Today we’re going to share some fun games that will keep boredom at bay while keeping your brain sharp. There are traditional games to play with your friends and family, but there are also online games to play for single players which can provide a lot of fun, which is why the online casino is popular

Whatever you choose, these are perfect for rainy days and days with nothing to do other than sit inside and relax. So grab some food and drink and get ready for a good time! 

Dont Grab That - Etsy

Don't Grab That - Etsy

Card games

Hearts and Spades are excellent card games to consider when you're looking for an engaging activity to kill boredom at home. Both games require strategic thinking and are typically played by four players, making them perfect for family game nights or gatherings with friends.

Hearts is a trick-taking game where the objective is to score as few points as possible, with specific cards like all hearts and the queen of spades carrying penalty points. The gameplay involves avoiding these cards while trying to pass them to other players. Its mix of strategy and luck makes each round unpredictable and exciting.

Spades, on the other hand, is also a trick-taking game but with a focus on partnerships. Here, players bid on the number of tricks they expect to win, and teamwork becomes crucial as partners try to support each other's bids. This adds a layer of cooperative strategy that can be both challenging and rewarding. 

If you don't have a deck of cards on hand, both Hearts and Spades can easily be played online on sites like and Hearts Land, with single and multiplayer options available as well as helpful guides for new players.

Fun Emoticon Game - Etsy

Fun Emoticon Game - Etsy

DIY your own challenging game at home when bored, like Toilet Roll Toss

Strapped for cash?  This is a fun game that anyone can play despite their physical ability or level of coordination and without needing to buy anything, providing you have some craft materials and clean recycling in your home already. All you need is an empty roll and some tape! Place the toilet roll on a flat surface, such as a table or floor. 

Next, take your tape and hold it about 10cm from one end, sticky side up. Stick the other end to the toilet roll, so it sticks vertically in the air. You have just made your very own target! The goal of Toilet Roll Toss is to toss things at the rolls, so they land inside them! 

If items aren’t cylindrical, try using small plastic plates instead for less accurate aiming attempts.

Grab any number of things you have around the house, such as crumpled-up paper, pencils, or even balls of blue-tac, and give this game a try! 

You can set goals for yourself, such as landing three items inside the roll without any falling out. To increase difficulty, you can move further away from your target.

Even without any internet or purchased games, it’s easy to craft your own DIY game and challenge using items you have around the house and clean recycling!

Board Game Nights 

Board games are a fun activity that will require some preparation ahead of time but can be well worth it! You may need to borrow board games from friends and family members before engaging in this activity- trust me, it is worth it!

If you don’t have many board games yourself and can’t borrow from family and friends then check out your local charity shops.  You’ll be sure to find some classics at bargain prices!

If you don't have a partner or anyone to play with at home, why not go online and play scrabble or chess against another online player or a computer?  There are lots of free games you can play online challenging yourself or playing against others.  If you have a smartphone or a tablet then you’ll find lots of free game apps.

Some cool online games that you can try out include Hearts or even online jigsaw puzzles or fun games like Bubble Shooter Game. If you’re playing Hearts online, you can excel at the trick-based game by playing against the computer or even playing against friends and family in multiplayer mode.  There are lots of different online fun games to play when bored.

For the online jigsaw puzzles, you can choose from thousands of different options and customize the settings so it fits your preferences. It’s also possible to upload an image and create your own online jigsaw puzzle to share with others.

Dance Battle 

How often do we remember the dance battles from movies such as Step Up or Billy Elliot? If you’re not familiar with those movies, then don’t worry! All you need is some tunes and a flair for the imagination to engage in this fun game at home alone. 

Whether it’s imagining that you are dancing on stage with an incredible partner or suspecting that your opponent is your worst enemy and your goal is to destroy them on the dance floor, there are many ways to make this game your own!

Check out Just Dance Now if you have a smartphone and internet screen on your TV as you can play this dance video game from home without even owning a games console!

The Name Game

The Name Game is a fun game to play with family and friends and you don’t need anything aside from yourself.  You may even have played it before as a drinking game!

One person starts by saying the name of a famous person and the next person must say the name of a famous person whose name begins with the first letter of the surname of the person said before.  For example, if someone says Bruce Willis, the next person must think of a famous person beginning with the letter W.

You can make it harder by saying actors only or cartoon characters only.

Blue Banana Game - Etsy

Blue Banana Game - Etsy

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt 

HPSH is an excellent activity for people who love Harry Potter and board games. It’s a great game for kids if they love Harry Potter and you can DIY this game at home yourself.

You can create scrolls for clues and hide objects around the house that relate to Harry Potter.  You can even print off pictures of the characters and hide those.

Check out this blog post for inspiration of how a Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt can be done: 

Steal The Meal card game - Etsy

Steal The Meal card game - Etsy

Harry Potter Film Quotes

This is another fun Harry Potter-themed game perfect for fans who know the dialogue off by heart! 

First, print off images online or cut them out of magazines that represent each character in the Harry Potter film series and make some Harry Potter character cards.

Then place this pile of cards upside down, you may wish to print out more than one of each character to make the game longer.  Or you can simply write down the characters names on some card and turn upside down.

Then take it in turns to pick a card and say a quote from the film for the character you have drawn.  Whoever first guesses the correct character scores a point!  Or you can write them down and total up the winner at the end.

Stack The Cats Game - Etsy

Stack The Cats Game - Etsy

I went to the supermarket and bought… 

We all know this one!  Great for kids and funny for adults too.  You can choose to keep it family-friendly or you can change the name of the shop you are visiting from a supermarket to something more hilarious (if adult only) like Ann Summers or similar!!

The first person says ‘I went to the supermarket and bought…’ and they state an item.  The next person has to say ‘I went to the supermarket and bought…’ listing the first person’s item and adding on an item of their own.  It keeps going around the circle as the list of items gets bigger and bigger.  The loser is the first person who can’t remember all the items in order!

Hot Potato

So you've probably played hot potato before, and if you haven't, I'll give a quick rundown of how it works. Hot Potatoes are thrown between players, and every time a potato is caught, it heats up. When the hot potato gets passed to you, you have to find someone else to hand it to before it burns your fingers, and you get eliminated. The last player to catch the potato wins.

Of course, you don’t have to really use an actual hot potato and risk burning yourself and I wouldn’t advise it!  Instead, you can throw a potato, or family-friendly bean bag, around in a circle and someone can play and stop some music.  Whoever has the beanbag ‘potato’ on the stopped music is out.  Or if you drop the ‘potato’ then you are also out.

There are even Hot Potato kids games you can buy.

Butts in Space: The Card Game - Fun Family Game for All Ages

Butts In Space The Card Game - Etsy

10 More Games To Play At Home When Bored

Here are a few more games you can consider playing at home when boredom strikes:

  1. Pictionary: Draw and guess words or phrases against a timer. You can use an online Pictionary generator or create your own word list.
  2. Charades: Act out words or phrases without speaking, and others try to guess what you're miming.
  3. Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items to find around your home and see who can collect them all the fastest.
  4. Card Games: Explore a variety of card games like Poker, Rummy, or Crazy Eights with a standard deck of playing cards.
  5. DIY Escape Room: Design your own escape room challenge with puzzles and clues for others to solve.
  6. Storytelling: Collaboratively create a story, with each person adding a sentence or paragraph to build the narrative.
  7. Trivia Quiz: Prepare a trivia quiz on a specific topic or general knowledge and test your family's knowledge.
  8. Bingo: Create bingo cards with different themes or words and have a bingo night at home.
  9. Cooking Challenge: Have a cooking or baking challenge where everyone makes a dish, and then you judge the results.
  10. Memory Card Game: Create your own memory card game with cards featuring pairs of pictures or words.

These additional games should provide you with more options for indoor fun and entertainment. Enjoy!

I asked my 8 year old for the best games to play at home when you are bored…

I decided to ask my 8 year old what he considered the best games to play when bored at home and online and here’s what he said:

  • Maths Frame

Mathsframe is an educational website that provides a range of interactive math activities and games for students. It is designed to help children improve their math skills in a fun and engaging way. Mathsframe offers a variety of math topics and exercises, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and more. The activities are often gamified to make learning math more enjoyable for students. This resource can be particularly useful for teachers and parents looking for online math resources to support their students' learning.

  • Interland

Interland is an online educational game developed by Google in partnership with the nonprofit organisation, MediaSmarts. It is designed to teach children and young people about internet safety and digital citizenship. The game is part of Google's "Be Internet Awesome" initiative, which aims to promote safe and responsible internet use among young users.

Interland consists of a series of mini-games set in a colourful, virtual world. Each game focuses on teaching important concepts related to online safety and digital citizenship, such as avoiding phishing scams, dealing with online bullies, protecting personal information, and being a good online friend. Players are guided through these concepts in an interactive and engaging way.

The game encourages players to develop skills for staying safe online and making responsible decisions in the digital world. It's often used in schools and educational settings to supplement internet safety lessons and help young people become more aware of potential online risks and how to navigate them safely. 

  • Roblox

My son loves Roblox, and my daughter too!  Roblox is considered a good game to play at home when bored for several reasons:

  1. Variety of Games: Roblox offers a vast and diverse library of user-generated games. This means there's a game for almost every interest or mood. Whether you want to go on adventures, solve puzzles, build creations, or engage in virtual social experiences, you can find something enjoyable.

  2. Creativity and Imagination: Roblox encourages creativity and imagination. Players can not only enjoy games but also create their own. This provides an opportunity to design and build unique virtual worlds, games, and experiences, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

  3. Social Interaction: Many games on Roblox are multiplayer, allowing players to interact and collaborate with friends or meet new people in a virtual environment. This can be especially appealing when looking for social interactions from the comfort of home.

  4. Continuous Updates: The platform is regularly updated with new games, features, and events, so there's always something fresh to explore. This keeps the experience engaging and prevents boredom.

  5. Educational Value: Roblox has educational potential. Some games on the platform are designed to teach programming, game development, and problem-solving skills. It can be an engaging way for young people to learn while having fun.

  6. Customisation: Players can customise their avatars, outfits, and even create their own games within the platform. This level of personalisation adds an extra layer of engagement and self-expression.

  7. Cross-Platform Play: Roblox is available on various devices, including PC, mobile, and gaming consoles. This flexibility allows players to access their accounts and play games on different platforms, making it convenient for those who switch between devices.

  8. Free-to-Play: While Roblox offers in-game currency (Robux) for purchasing items and accessories, many games and experiences are entirely free to play. This accessibility means you can have hours of entertainment without spending money.

Roblox light - Etsy

Roblox light - Etsy

  • Minecraft

Minecraft is another excellent game to play at home when you're bored, and it offers several compelling reasons why it's a popular choice:

  1. Creativity and Building: In Minecraft, you have the freedom to build and create virtually anything you can imagine. Whether it's constructing elaborate structures, designing landscapes, or crafting intricate redstone machines, the game encourages creativity and innovation.

  2. Exploration: The game features a vast, open world filled with diverse landscapes, biomes, and hidden treasures to discover. Exploring this world can be a fascinating and immersive experience.

  3. Survival Mode: For those seeking challenges, Minecraft's Survival mode offers a unique blend of resource gathering, crafting, and survival against hostile creatures like zombies and creepers. It adds an element of strategy and adventure.

  4. Multiplayer: Minecraft supports multiplayer gameplay, allowing you to connect and collaborate with friends or join online servers with communities of players. It's a great way to stay connected and socialize from home.

  5. Educational Value: Minecraft has been embraced by educators as a tool for teaching various subjects, including mathematics, science, history, and problem-solving. Some schools use Minecraft to engage students in interactive learning experiences.

  6. Endless Mods and Customization: The Minecraft community has created a vast array of mods and custom content that can enhance and expand the game in numerous ways. This means you can tailor your Minecraft experience to your preferences.

  7. Regular Updates: The game receives regular updates, introducing new features, mobs, biomes, and gameplay enhancements. These updates keep the game fresh and exciting.

  8. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Minecraft's serene and tranquil atmosphere can be a great way to unwind and relax. Whether you're tending to a virtual garden or exploring beautiful landscapes, it can provide a calming escape.

  9. Cross-Platform Play: Minecraft is available on various platforms, including PC, consoles, mobile devices, and more. This allows you to play with friends regardless of their chosen platform.

  10. Endless Possibilities: The open-ended nature of Minecraft means there are virtually limitless possibilities for what you can do within the game. It's a sandbox where your imagination is the limit.

Minecraft's versatility and enduring popularity make it a fantastic choice for staying entertained at home, whether you're looking for creative expression, adventure, or social interaction. Like with any game, it's important to manage screen time and play responsibly.


Final thoughts on games to play at home when bored...

In conclusion, when boredom strikes and you're looking for enjoyable activities to do at home, these games offer a range of options. From DIY challenges like Toilet Roll Toss to classic board game nights, online gaming, and creative Harry Potter-themed adventures, there's something for everyone. Whether you're testing your memory with "I went to the supermarket and bought…" or having a dance battle in your living room, these activities promise fun and entertainment. So, gather your friends or enjoy some solo playtime, and beat boredom with these exciting games!