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Cash App referral code UK: £10 free cash for you and £5 for a friend

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UK Users:

Cash App appears to be having major problems in the UK currently; reports of accounts limited, new accounts unable to be opened, lack of customer service.  I cannot find a statement from them anywhere, but there is speculation they either have a major technical issue for UK users which could take months to fix, or they are collapsing in the UK. 

We tested opening a new account and a notice popped up saying we cannot open a new account in our location.

Will await news they are up and running properly, then I will remove this notice if the refer a friend offer is back up and running.

Will keep an eye on UK reviews here periodically to see what users are saying, but not looking good at time of writing:


Until then... check out these free money offers (there are 70+ offers with free cash in the UK and beyond!)


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Cash App Referral Code UK: Get £10 free cash for you and £5 free cash for a friend

Today I have another amazing free money offer for you.  Use my Cash App referral code 854689T to get £10 free cash for you and £5 for a friend.  Quick and easy instructions on how to use this cash app free money code! 

Yes that’s right.  I have a Cash App referral code for use in the UK which gives you £5 for free when you sign-up.  However, you can actually get yourself £10 free cash for signing up to Cash App with my referral code, plus an extra £5 free cash for your friend or partner by using this hack!

My husband and I did this free money offer and we had the £15 free cash between us, within 30 minutes!  Amazing.  It only took us around five minutes to sign up for the app and the rest of the time was spent waiting for the free cash to hit our bank accounts!

If you're looking for how to get free money on Cash App, and you're a new customer, then read on as I share how you can use my cash app referral code 854689T to bag yourself £10 free cash and a friend £5 free cash. 

Here are the instructions to make the most out of this free money offer and what to do if you don't have a friend to complete this offer with.


First posted March 2022.  Last updated April 2023.

Cash App referral code UK

How to get free cash with Cash App

Here are the instructions for how to use my Cash App referral code to get yourself and a friend some free money.

  • Simply click here to download Cash App

  • Enter your mobile number and my Cash App referral code 854689T

  • Go to your profile (the little person graphic to the top right of the app) and scroll down to enter the referral code 854689T then you'll be able to see your referral status.  This might have already been entered during the signup process, in which case you’ll see your referral status.

  • Link your debit card.

  • To get your free £10 you'll need to send £5 cash to someone using the Cash App.  Get your friend or partner to sign up by sending them your own referral link using the 'Invite Friends' button within the app.

  • Send your friend £5 using the app and ask them to send the £5 back.  You’ll send them £5 from your linked debit card and then they can send this same £5 back to you, thus qualifying you both for the free bonus cash.

  • You'll then get your free £5 from my referral code, plus another free £5 for referring your friend/partner.  Your friend/partner will also get £5 from using your referral code!  Amazing!


How to cash out your Cash App sign up bonus

The process seems to be a little different for each person, in regards to the information they might ask for.

To cash out, I clicked the £15 at the bottom left corner of the app and had to confirm my sort code and account number to cash out.

However, for my partner, they had to confirm full name, date of birth and address to cash out the free £5 for using my referral link. 

Cashouts can take 1-3 days according to their help pages, but both mine and my partner's took around 30 minutes.



Don't forget to enter Cash App promo code 854689T  🙂



How to enter referral code on Cash App

Simply click here to download Cash App and this should already be linked to my referral code, but if asked to enter it then add the Cash App invite code 854689T when prompted.  When I signed up, there was also a way to see it in the profile.  Go to your profile (the little person graphic to the top right of the app) and you should be able to see your referral status.  If the code is not entered, then it's another opportunity to enter it here to make sure it's definitely there before making your first payment.


How long does Cash App referral take?

We had our free cash in 30 minutes!

The actual sign-up process was really quick ~5minutes, then we just had to wait for the free cash to hit our bank accounts.  The whole time was around 30 minutes!

I did this offer with my husband and I had £15 in total in Cash App to cash out:  £5 free cash from signing up with someone else’s referral link, £5 of my own cash I used to send to my husband which he sent back, and another £5 free cash because my husband had used my referral link. 


Where is the referral code on Cash App?

Once you've signed up, you'll get your own Cash App refer a friend link to share.  Then you can make even more free money!  Simply go to the little person at the top right of the screen and click 'Invite Friends, Get £5'.  From here, you can either share with your phone contacts, or click the arrow at the top right to email, share on socials, WhatsApp, or however you want to share with your friends and family. Love sharing great offers with friends?  Make extra cash with these refer-a-friend schemes.



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