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Slash Review: INSTANTLY slash the price of your online shopping

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Update June 2024:

I have just visited the Slash website and they appear to have shut down.  See notice on their website: shuts down

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Original Blog Post:

I have just started using a new browser extension called Slash which instantly slashes the prices of online shopping for a variety of retailers.

There’s no waiting for cashback or uploading receipts… just instant money off your online purchases when you shop with one of their popular partnered retailers. 

For instant discounts off your purchases at stores like New Look, B&Q, Groupon, Debenhams, Wickes, and so many more, read on.

Slash Review Instantly slash the price of your online shopping

Originally posted in March 2022 and updated in January 2023.

What is the browser extension?

Slash is a free browser extension to help you save money on your online shopping. Rather than finding and entering discount codes, or waiting weeks or months for cashback, Slash instantly reduces the price you pay, making things faster and easier to get the things you love for less.

They don’t even give you a promo code… there is literally another button at checkout which shows you the price with the Slash discount and you can choose to pay with Slash if you so choose.

Here's a look at what happens on the New Look checkout:


Slash browser extension review


So you'd simply click to pay with Slash and you will pay via the card you have linked to the Slash browser extension.  This can be one of your cards only. 

The browser extension is available on Chrome and will instantly notify you when you’re shopping with one of their partnered retailers.

Where can I instantly save money with Slash?

They have many popular retailers and being a new company, I assume they are reaching out to more.  The list is pretty impressive so far though and includes:

  • Boots

  • The Body Shop

  • B&Q

  • Wickes

  • New Look

  • Groupon 

  • Converse

  • eBuyer

  • Red Letter DAys

  • Simply Be

  • AVON

  • JD Williams

  • Go Outdoors

  • Dunelm

  • Dorothy Perkins

You can see a full list of stores on their website or even search directly for stores from the browser extension.  Although, when you are in a store they are associated with then you will get a small pop up to let you know and you’ll see the discounted price at checkout in the Slash box. 

What would I improve about the Slash browser extension?

I did have a few issues when first trying to use the Slash browser extension and I nearly gave up, but eventually it worked!  So you may need to persist!  Hopefully it’s just because they are a new browser and they are working on any technical issues.

I tried to place an order at New Look using my bonus voucher and it just wouldn’t work.  The Slash discount did automatically appear on the New Look checkout screen, but I couldn’t get through the payment as it just froze as if the payment was processing, but it never completed.  I reached out to their customer service who reinstated my bonus voucher and a little extra, after I had a few failed attempts, but it seemed it still wasn’t working even a few days later.

Not giving up, I just tried again today and it finally worked!  Perhaps as a new company as they have just launched this month (March 2022), they are having some teething problems.

I gave it one last go of clearing my cache and cookies for New Look and Slash, restarting my laptop and it suddenly worked!

The checkout did take quite a long time, so just be patient when it’s spinning as it might just be that it takes a little longer than you are used to.  Hopefully they are working on this issue and speeding up the checkout, though I have seen a video on their Instagram showing someone else having a much quicker checkout experience than me, so perhaps it’s my browser or laptop setup… who knows.

Anyway, they are friendly and their support was quick to get back to me.

So ultimately I would just suggest they look into what’s making the payment screen take so long as many people won’t wait and they’ll think it’s not working when perhaps they need to hang on a little longer.  We’re all too used to things being very quick now online, especially when it comes to paying.

And hopefully they will have more retailers onboard soon, though they do have many popular High Street retailers and some companies we buy from already.

Update on issues - September 2022

Just popping back in September (I wrote this in March originally) to say I have used the extension numerous times to instantly save cash on my online shopping and it works much better now.  It pops up instantly on websites I can use the Slash discount on and I've not had any more issues, so they must have fixed their teething issues.

It's still a bit slow when paying, but it works.

Here's an example of the popup when you go to a website that applies the Slash discount.  This popped up when I went to the Simply Be website:

Slash browser extension instant savings online shopping browser extension review - final thoughts

All in all, it’s another great way to make savings on your online shopping if you buy from one of their associated retailers.  You’ve nothing to lose by adding it to your browser.  If you are shopping on one of their partnered retailers, the browser extension will automatically let you know, then you can pay a cheaper price if you decide to buy something, simply by selecting the Slash button to pay at checkout.  If you don’t want to wait for cashback and want an instant price reduction then Slash is definitely for you!