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How Do Period Pants Work? Can They Save Money?

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In recent months I have been converted to the many benefits of period pants!  For a good year or more, I had seen period pants popping up everywhere on social media newsfeeds and even in High Street stores.  I’d been curious to try them for a while, but somehow only got to buying myself a few pairs just over six months ago.  Now I’ve been using them monthly for six months I’m in a good position to explain how period pants work,  what are the benefits of period pants and what are the disadvantages.  Plus, we’ll explore how they can save you money and time, two of my favourite benefits so far!  I’ll delve into exactly how much my period pants are saving me each year and how popular period pant company WUKA has just released a revolutionary product, WUKA Stretch, for those who have no idea what size to order!  Buckle in and get ready for your ultimate guide to period pants and whether they’re right for you!

What we’ll explore in this article:

  • What are period pants?

  • How do period pants work?

  • How long can you wear period pants for?

  • How to wash period pants

  • How long do period pants last?

  • Benefits of period pants

  • How much money do I save wearing period pants?

  • Disadvantages of period pants

  • Find your perfect size period pants with WUKA

  • How to get a WUKA period pants discount code

How Do Period Pants Work Can They Save Money

What are period pants?

Period pants are a special type of brief that can be worn while a woman is menstruating.  They are made with a highly absorbent material in the gusset, meaning they can be worn instead of tampons and pads during a woman’s period.  They are available in different absorbencies such as light flow, medium flow and heavy flow just like tampons and pads to suit each unique woman or stage of the period.  Period pants are designed to look and feel just like normal pants so they’re super comfortable to wear during the day.  They also provide a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable period products.

You can find a large range of period pants at WUKA including no vpl period pants, thongs, high-waist, hipsters, boxer shorts and more.  They even have a swimsuit so you can go swimming while on your period without wearing a tampon.

How do period pants work?

Period pants typically look and feel like wearing regular pants, except they have extra layers of clever absorbent material in the gusset area.  Usually there is a super absorbent layer in the middle to lock in the blood, prevent leaks and stop odour.  The outer layer will be leak proof and the inner layer will have a moisture barrier so you feel dry while wearing period pants.  If you start to feel the wetness then it’s a sign the period pants need changing as they have reached their absorbent capacity.

How long can you wear period pants for?

It will depend on your period and flow, but the heavy flow period pants are recommended to be worn for up to 8 hours and can hold 4 tampons worth.  Depending on your own personal flow, you may be able to wear period pants for longer than 8 hours.  I’ve found on my heavy days I need to change them once or twice during the day, but possibly because I’m paranoid they’ll overflow, but on my lighter days I can wear the same pair all day from morning to bedtime without noticing any wetness or odour.

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

How to wash period pants

Most advice is to first rinse your period pants before washing, but I just throw mine straight in the machine and wash them on a thorough wash setting with darks.  I have black and dark grey period pants so this works well.  I usually wash on a 40 degree setting.  You can opt to handwash, but I prefer not to handle the blood and I’m not convinced handwashing would thoroughly clean them or get the blood and smell completely out!  Again, how you choose to wash your own period pants successfully is down to personal preference and you may wish to do it differently from me.

Some tips say to avoid using laundry detergent and fabric softener to prolong the life of the pants, but I already only use Ecoegg balls for clothes washing so hopefully this will make them last longer!

How long do period pants last?

Advice online varies greatly for this question with some saying six months and others saying five years!  Six months seems way too short to me.  I’ve got regular pants that I’ve worn and washed way more throughout the month that have lasted me seven years so far and are still perfectly fine!

The period pants I purchased six months ago and have used monthly, still look brand new!  I can see these pants lasting me a decade or more, providing they don’t lose their absorbency over time.

To prolong the life of period pants you can wash in a delicate laundry bag and avoid harsh laundry detergents.  I also have enough period pants to see me through my whole period, so I only need to wash each pair once per month, making them last even longer.

WUKA Period Pants

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

Benefits of period pants

So now you know what period pants are and how to use them, what are the benefits of period pants?  Why should you consider using these instead of your trusted tampons and pads?

There are many advantages to period pants and once I started using them it was clear why they have become so popular in recent years.  Here are all the advantages I have so far noticed in my six months of using them:

  • They are perfect for catching your period when you first come on.  While my period is pretty predictable and some months it comes on exactly four weeks to the date, there are occasions when it is slightly earlier than expected or late.  As there’s a chance it can be early, I will usually wear pantyliners for two or three days before it’s due just to catch the period if it starts unexpectedly to avoid an embarrassing accident!  The period pants are perfect for these days before to save wasting pantyliners that aren’t needed.  They are also ideal for catching the period when it does first start, especially when it’s not first thing in the morning and decides to come half way through the day!  There’s no panicking to get to a toilet if you feel the period start half way through the day as the period pants will do their job!

  • They are great for periods at nighttime.  During the heavy days of my period I can’t get through a night without using anything, and I find thick pads uncomfortable, so I’d use tampons during the night.  I’d never sleep well as I’d panic about toxic shock syndrome and that I’d sleep too long and might still flood!  The pants are ideal for nighttime as I can wear them and sleep easily knowing nothing is in my body and I won’t flood the bed!  My original thoughts when I first got period pants was that I’d use them at nighttime only as they are so ideal for this, but now I use them in the day too as they’re so convenient.

  • They save money in the longrun.  They are great for saving money in the long term when it comes to periods.  There’s no doubt in my mind that they will last for several years, if not a decade or more, and when you compare this to the cost of pads and tampons for the same period, they are definitely cost-effective.  I share a breakdown below of how much money I’ll save over a decade or two with period pants when buying some of the cheapest period pants from WUKA.

  • They are more eco-friendly than tampons or pads.  It’s no secret that tampons and pads create a lot of waste.  As they regularly need changing and are throwaway, a lot more of them need to be created and used compared to period pants, meaning more pollution is unavoidable when it comes to their manufacturing and transportation compared to reusable solutions. WUKA say every pair of their pants prevents 200 disposables from going to landfill each year.

  • They are comfortable and you can get on with your day.  I’ve never found pads comfortable or that nice to use compared to tampons and while you can often pop in a tampon and forget it’s there, every now and then there’s one that just doesn’t seem to go in right or wants to come out which can be pretty uncomfortable during the day.  Even pantyliners aren’t that comfortable, especially when they twist and get stuck to you!  Period pants, on the other hand, are surprisingly comfortable, just like big comfy pants!

  • They are discreet. Also, they are not thick like period pads, so you can get on with your day without feeling like there’s a big bulge in your pants and on show!

  • You might not need to change them during the day.  One pair of heavy flow pants can be worn for up to 8 hours and holds around 4 tampons worth!  This means, depending on your flow, you might not need to change the period pants during the day even on your heaviest days so you can get on with work or whatever you are doing without hassle.

  • They are safer than tampons (and pads).  Wearing tampons means you are at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  There are ways of minimising the risk such as using natural organic cotton tampons and changing regularly, but there is still a risk of getting bacteria into one of the most delicate areas of your body.  Even some pads, that aren’t made from natural materials, contain chemicals and plastics, which is not 100% safe to have next to your skin and feminine areas all day long.  Many period pants are made with cotton and chemical-free.  WUKA uses organic cotton, recycled yarn and other compostable natural materials to create their period pants.

  • They can save time.  Almost every month when my period came on, before I used period pants, I’d have to go to a natural health food store to buy the natural tampons I needed.  They didn’t sell them in the local supermarkets, only mainstream plastic chemical ones!  Period pants save this hassle each month, and the packs of tampons I do still use if we’re going swimming or on a long day out, last me way longer, so I no longer need to purchase them every single month.

WUKA Stretch Period Pants Black

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

Disadvantages of period pants

It wouldn’t be fair to not address any disadvantages of period pants in this article.  Well the benefits are many, and I am certainly a convert and will continue using them every month having tried them for six months at the time of writing, they aren’t completely perfect.  Here’s why:

  • The upfront cost is quite high.  You do need to invest in these and the cost upfront is a lot more than buying a pack of tampons or pads.  To combat this, you can buy them over a few months.  That’s what I did.  I bought a couple of pairs to test them out before committing financially, then when I knew how great they were for me, I bought more the following month and more the next month until I had enough to cover the whole duration of my period.

  • They might not be ideal if you are out all day during a heavy flow.  During lighter flow days I can easily wear one pair all day, but on heavy flow days when I’d usually change my tampon every 2-3 hours, I need to change the heavy flow pants once or twice during the daytime.  This is kind of personal preference as I get worried about smelling(!), but if my period falls on the weekend and we’re on a family day out then I don’t want to be changing them in a public toilet and carrying them in my bag all day!  You obviously can do this if it doesn’t bother you, but for days like this I will wear a lighter pair of period pants and combine with a tampon.  This is a rarity though as often I am at home working all day long in the weekdays and can make use of the period pants and save money on tampons.

  • You can’t go swimming.  If you like to swim, then just like with pads, you won’t be able to swim in period pants.  You’ll either have to miss out on swimming during your flow, or use a tampon if you want to swim.

While there are some disadvantages, there are many more advantages.  There’s no reason not to combine wearing period pants with other feminine products to suit your lifestyle each month.  It’s exactly what I do and it works really well.

WUKA Stretch Period Pants Reviews

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

How much money do I save wearing period pants?

Before using period pants, I would need two packs of tampons per month and half a pack of pantyliners.  I’d wear tampons night and day for around five days, and pantyliners for the duration to catch any leakage and for the couple of days before and after my period just in case there’s any extra spotting or my period comes earlier than expected.

I’d already started using natural tampons in 2017 for health and environmental reasons, so I’d spend around £3 per pack of tampons and £2 per pack of pantyliners.  So each month my period costs would be around £7.  Over one year this totals £84.  £840 every 10 years.  This definitely seems like a large amount when you consider the cost every 10 years.  I’m probably 20 years away from my menopause if I have it in my mid to late fifties, so continuing to use tampons and pantyliners as I have been will cost way more than £1680 over the next 20 years, considering the prices will keep rising each year.

Considering this, I can definitely save a lot of money by using period pants instead.  I honestly have other pants that have lasted me around 7 years, so if these period pants last the same, which I’m sure they will as I’m not even using them everyday (each pair probably gets worn once during my period, maybe twice if I wash them during it), then they are a cost effective way to have a period compared to tampons and pantyliners.  

If you use pads alongside tampons, then you can save even more as they are more expensive than liners.  This is assuming you spend around the same as me each month and opt for natural, eco-friendlier ways to have your period.

The cost of the period pants all depends on your flow and the style of pants you choose.  Prices will vary, but at the time of writing, the cheapest pair of period pants for a heavy flow are on offer for £12.60 from renowned period pant brand WUKA.  For my five days of period pants, assuming I don’t wash a pair during my cycle, the most I’d need is around 10 pairs to cover day and night.  This would total £126 (delivery is currently free), so it is much cheaper to invest in the upfront cost of the period pants compared to buying my usual pads and tampons each month.  These aren’t the cheapest pants currently available on WUKA either as these are the cheapest heavy flow pants.  Like most women, my first two days are my heaviest and then it tapers off, so I’d only need medium and light pants for the end of my period and these can be cheaper.

I do still use tampons when out and about as I don’t like the thought of needing to change the pants if I’m out all day during my heaviest flow, but I’ve minimised this to needing no more than half a pack of tampons per month and no pantyliners at all as the period pants cover that part if I wear a light flow pair with the tampon.  However, if I’m just at home working all day then I don’t need to use tampons at all.  Even with half a pack of tampons per month, this cost would be an extra £18 per year, which still works out way cheaper using the pants and half a pack of tampons per month compared to what I was doing. 

Another way they save money is because they are actually pants!  So if you wear them for a week each month, they are then your pants as well as your feminine care.  So you don’t need feminine care AND pants.  So they should, over time, reduce the amount of actual normal pants you need to buy. 

WUKA Stretch Period Pants Review

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

Find your perfect size period pants with WUKA

When it comes to buying pants things can get tricky.  Most companies don’t let you return pants due to hygiene reasons.  As period pants are quite expensive then this may put you off buying them as you don’t want to waste your money.   However, the WUKA returns policy is slightly different: WUKA offer one return per customer so you can find your perfect size without worry, but, even better, they have recently launched a style that fits four sizes in one!  So you can be sure you find your perfect fit without hassle!

WUKA sent me a pair of their new WUKA Stretch period pants which fit sizes XS to L with their super stretchy technology to ensure a perfect fit for all these sizes!  They also come in size XL to 4XL.

These pants fit me perfectly, as a size 8-10, and are really comfortable!  They really are super stretchy and fit up to a size large!

Here’s their press release about this new product so you can learn more:

The UK’s no.1  reusable period wear brand, WUKAⓇ, launches yet another world-first: The all-new WUKAⓇ Stretch

Embodying the pioneering and taboo-breaking spirit of WUKAⓇ, the brand has stretched the limits of garment technology with their latest innovation: Stretch™ technology; engineering period pants that offer maximum coverage, mould comfortably to individual body contours and retain their stretch adapting to all body shapes and sizes as they change. Made from super soft microfiber material, these lightweight yet absorbent full-brief pants provide ultimate comfort and security, and with no VPL - ideal for wearing under tight-fitting clothing this party season. 

Following the award-winning WUKAⓇ Flex collection launch earlier this year, NEW WUKAⓇ Stretch is available in two styles and colours - each with two multisize options. One pair of pants expands to up to four sizes - from XS to L and XL to 4XL. That’s eight sizes in just two products, catering to 95 per cent of the British menstruating population and making it virtually impossible to order the wrong size.

WUKAⓇ Stretch sees the purpose-led reusable period wear brand break even more boundaries with this inclusive new offering in the reusable period category, provide a solution for not one, but three issues faced by those who menstruate:

Inclusive sizing for a perfect fit

Despite the huge growth of the online fashion sector in recent years, 27 per cent of consumers still avoid buying clothes online for sizing reasons. Many people aren’t sure of their measurements, whilst brand size variations are a common deterrent for those that are.

It’s a fact of life that our bodies fluctuate in size. Age, hormonal shifts, medication, fertility, stress, diet, and so much more, can cause our bodies to change – even from one day to the next - so with one pair offering a guaranteed fit across four different sizes, Stretch eliminates the doubts on sizing and also removes the need to buy new each time we gain or lose weight. 

This multisize product is especially convenient for growing girls as their bodies change through puberty and mothers experiencing fluctuating body sizes postpartum.

Saving time, money and frustration

Free returns are fast becoming a thing of the past, with brands such as Boohoo, Zara, Uniqlo and Next now charging customers to send items back. 

As a multisize product, Stretch eliminates both the cost and hassle for shoppers by guaranteeing a perfect fit first time, not to mention the disappointment or emotional toll of ordering and trying ill-fitting garments. 

Reducing carbon footprint

It has become commonplace for customers to purchase multiple sizes to try at home with the intention of returning items that don’t fit. This trend, known as ‘bracketing’, sees as much as 30-40 per cent of all online clothing purchases returned. 

The UK is the worst offender when it comes to wasteful buying practices. Online returns cost UK retailers around £20 billion annually, and sadly, it's often cheaper for retailers to send returned items to landfill instead of reselling them which contributes to five billion pounds of waste is generated through returns every year globally. Guaranteed to fit WUKA Stretch reduces the environmental impact of returns-related waste. 

WUKA has yet again stretched the limits of what is possible. Stretch is inclusive and empowering for those that have periods and with a patented Stretch™ technology, designed to help menstruating people Wake Up & Kick Ass, it is also extraordinarily innovative.

WUKA Stretch Period Pants One Size

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

How does Stretch work?

The inner gusset is suspended, whilst also being partly attached, so it stretches to fit four size ranges whilst also ensuring the gusset doesn’t move out of place

The inner and outer fabric and gusset provide at least 8cm of stretch in all directions

Stretch works well with current manufacturing processes and can be made for the same cost as regular period pants - allowing the brand to launch at an accessible RRP of £14.40

WUKA Flex Stretch is priced at £12.99 and launches in two absorbencies (Medium and Heavy Flow), two styles (Midi Brief and High Waist), and a choice of two colours (Black and Light Nude).


Shop now and learn more at 


How to get a WUKA period pants discount code 

If you’re looking for a WUKA period pants discount code, then there are a couple of ways to get one.

Get a WUKA discount code for £5 off with their Rewards programme

At the time of writing, you can join their WUKA rewards programme and get a WUKA voucher code for £5 per referral.

WUKA say “As a member you can earn £5 for every friend you invite with your personal URL.  Get WUKA Points for every order to spend on your next purchase.”

You can give your friend £5 off and you’ll get £5 off, it’s a win-win. You’ll find a link to ‘Rewards’ on their homepage here.

Sign up to the WUKA newsletter

At the bottom of their website, you can sign up to their newsletter for access to exclusive discount codes, giveaways and other special offers.

At the time of writing, you can get a 10% off WUKA discount code when subscribing to their newsletter. This offer popped up for me when I went to leave the website.

More ways to save money at WUKA

Other ways to save money on period pants at WUKA include:

  • Shopping at WUKA via TopCashback when there’s a cashback offer active (8.5% at the time of writing)
  • Buying the same item in bulk to save money per item
  • Shopping the Factory Imperfect items to save money on the original RRP
  • Shopping the discounted items only
  • Work for the NHS? WUKA offer Bluelight card and NHS staff benefits


Shop now and learn more at 


You can find a large range of period pants at WUKA including no vpl period pants, thongs, high-waist, hipsters, boxer shorts and more.  They even have a swimsuit so you can go swimming while on your period without wearing a tampon.