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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Baseball Bets

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Baseball is one of the most popular sports among the betting community, and it has a loyal following that extends beyond North America and into the wider world. The length and intricacies of baseball mean that there is an extensive choice of markets, and sportsbooks will always look to apply competitive odds.

Whether you’re new to baseball betting or have been around the sport for some time, everyone will want to increase their chances of winning more bets, and here are some useful tips.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Baseball Bets

Find the Right Home 

Finding the best possible sportsbook is an important way to begin your baseball journey. There are many options available, but not all bookmakers are the same. 

To use a baseball term, sportsbooks have to cover more than one base. Choice and value are essential for an operator to build up customers in a crowded sector.

Choice comes from having that wide set of betting options. Beyond the basic moneyline bet of who will win the game, there should be Totals Betting, Handicaps, Props, Futures and more.

Value comes from competitive pricing. Having exceptional World Series odds should be backed by strong figures throughout the regular and postseasons. To find the best baseball sports betting platform, look for recommendations while carrying out your own research into those key areas of choice and value.

Types of Bets

Once onboard with a betting site, it’s a good idea to consider what type of bet you want to get involved in. As a starting point, many will focus on the Moneyline bet, as this is the simplest option to understand.

The Moneyline looks to predict the match result, so it is a straight choice between the two teams taking part. Who will win? The answer may not always be straightforward, but this is the easiest bet to understand.

Baseball bettors with a little experience may choose to switch to alternatives. Totals betting is popular to many sports and, in baseball, the question is, how many runs will be scored in the game?

Sports also have futures betting and, in baseball, this will mainly relate to the winner of the World Series. Divisional and Conference futures are also listed for most sports.

There will also be a series of prop bets. Prop is short for proposition and the term refers to something that might happen in a game that doesn’t necessarily affect the result. There are team props and player props that relate to the respective performances.

Do Your Research

This is a basic piece of advice for any baseball bettor, but it’s often overlooked. One way in which you boost your chances of claiming profits is to carry out some extensive research.

If you’re staking in the moneyline market, start by looking at the current form of the two MLB sides involved. Is one team coming into the match on a run of wins, while their opponents have suffered a losing streak?

Head to head results can also give us an insight into how future games will develop. It’s also worth checking news and social media updates to see if there have been any injuries to key players.

Away from the moneyline bet, research can also help to swing the odds in your favor for other markets. In Total runs for example, is there a history of high scoring matches between the two sides in question? 

For bettors of all levels, research is vital.

Popular Baseball Strategies

There are many baseball betting strategies that you may want to consider. Before getting involved with real stakes, test them out on paper to see which of them is a more likely option for you.

There are suggestions that you should bet with one of the strongest teams. Let’s say that the Boston Red Sox are strong, and you back them in their first game. If they win, you take a profit but, if they lose, you simply double your stake next time they play. This is a popular strategy used across any sport.

Other bettors suggest staking on underdogs that carry plus money odds. If a team is the outside bet but their odds cross to +110 or higher, there are stats that indicate you may be successful more than 50% of the time.

The Question of Tipsters

Is it a good idea to follow published baseball tipsters? It certainly can be, but it should be approached with caution. Before you stake your own money based on their opinions, follow their journey for a while and monitor their results.

If the tipster is profitable over an extended period of time, they may well be worth following moving forward. If their predictions are less than successful, look elsewhere.

While there will never be any guarantees, there are many options you can try if you want to make your baseball betting more successful.

Please gamble responsibly!

Betting involves risk, and no strategy guarantees success. Make informed decisions, set limits, and gamble responsibly. We do not endorse or promote gambling as a source of income.