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  1. I usually start by saying how quickly I thought the month had gone, but November seemed to pass a little slower thankfully.  I’m not sure why as I’ve seemed nonstop, but it seemed to be November forever.  Though as I type this it’s now a week into December, so I don’t think I’ll be saying the same in my next monthly roundup!

    Family lifestyle blog - what we did in November

    November was my first full month back ‘at work’.  By this, I mean running my Lylia Rose online shop.  I was rather apprehensive of how it would all take off, after so long away (8 months maternity), but I’m very happy to report I was immediately back to sales every day.  So a massive thank you to all my wonderful customers, old and new, I really have had the best welcome back.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying running my online boutique once more, albeit a little more stressful than before!  Two children = two times the mess/housework! 

    Plus, it’s my only source of income now, whereas before I had savings or an evening job, so the pressure really is on this time. 

    It’s serious, rather than just a hobby or bit of pocket money.  I’m hopeful I can make it work and look forward to the future of my little business.