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  1. I finally planted some veg in MAY!  Lots of these could be planted from March, but when the last frost has passed.  Unbelievably, my car was still iced over a few times at the end of April when I left for work.  How crazy is that?!  I was planting my seeds directly into the soil outdoors, so had to wait.

    My leek, carrot, beetroot, green bean and courgette seeds are from who sell organic seeds in very modern packaging with very easy to follow instructions!  My friend gave me the carrot and beetroot seeds as a gift last year, for Christmas perhaps, and I had to visit their website to see what else they had.  I then got the others!

    It was a tad late for me to order their tomato seeds, so I purchased two plants from the garden centre.  My courgette seeds didn't sprout, so I have purchased one courgette plant from the garden centre, just in case.  I've since soaked the courgette seeds to see if it makes a difference.  I may plant a few more as they can still be planted in June.  I love courgette so an abundance would not be a problem!

    Last year I only purchased plants from the garden centre, so it was a lot easier!  This year I've done it nearly all from seed. I was amazed that they are all starting to grow!  Woohoo!

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog

    So chuffed with my new trugs!  Not the official Veg Trugs, but by Blooma.  I picked them up one day for less than half price in B&Q.  Those are the tomato plants from the garden centre.  I must grow from seed next year.

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog

    Hello little green beans!  These suddenly shot on through the soil out of nowhere!

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog green beans sprouting

    Green beans sprouting!

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog

    So carrot fly is a thing.  After my black kale and cauliflower got demolished last year, I decided to cover with thin mesh netting whilst these get going!  Carrot fly is apparently attracted to the sweet smell produced as carrots sprout and begin to grow.  In here are carrots, leeks and beetroot.

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog carrot shoot sprout photo

    Ooh hello baby carrot!

    blooma veg trug grow your own patio vegetables lylia rose garden blog beetroot sprout

    Beetroot :)

    My leeks are also now growing.  They just look like grass as they come through!  Straight little lines.   They took a little longer than the rest.  So excited to see these all grow.


  2. Yesterday finally really felt like the first day of summer.  We managed to spend a lot of time in the garden.  It's been a bit awkward to sit outside before in the sun as we didn't have a parasol.  Our last one flew out of the table last year in a summer storm, smashed into our window and snapped!  Oops.  I finally ordered a replacement last week, which means we can all sit outside and enjoy al fresco dining once again!  I love to sit in the sun, but the children need to be shaded when it's really shining down.  Reuben is also still crawling so needs constant watching to stop everything going in his mouth!  Things will be easier outdoors once he's toddling about.

    As it felt like a perfect garden day I just had to go to the garden centre to pretty up our garden.  It feels so much better now and a delight to sit outdoors.  I mainly purchased ready made hanging baskets and pretty tall flowers for the planters.  I also planted lots of seeds in one planter that 'should' grow quickly and flower in the summer.  They're for beginners and easy to grow, so I hope they work!

    Here's this year's pretty bloomin' garden:

    Making our garden pretty gerbera planter patio

    Making our garden pretty purple hanging basket patio lylia rose blog

    Making our garden pretty sunflower lylia rose blog

    Making our garden pretty purple basket flowers lylia rose blog

    Making our garden pretty purple flowers lylia rose blog

    Making our garden pretty purple flowers lylia rose blog

    This is where the seeds are also planted ^^^ Fingers crossed for an overflowing tub of flowers!

    Making our garden pretty gerbera patio flowers lylia rose blog

    I asked Bella which were her favourite.  She said 'That one, that one, that one...' pointing at them all! On the way home from the garden centre I told her our garden will look so lovely with the flowers.  She replied 'Daddy will like them too and I will be so pleased' !!


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