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  1. #Ad. I was recently contacted by Zebra to test and review their ZSB Series thermal label printer. For the purpose of this review I was gifted the ZSB-DP14 design. I have also been sent two of the smaller versions, the ZSB-DP12, to give away to two very lucky readers! Got a small business, home office or do you work from home? Read on to see how these thermal label printers can help organise your life, save time and keep your home office eco-friendly at the same time.

    ZSB Series zsb-dp14 review

  2. We've all heard the basic budgeting advice offered to you before you travel overseas. Two of the most important are to “stick to a daily budget” and “don't spend more than you need.” Is there a method to generate some extra money on the side when you're travelling for a lengthy period of time and running low on funds? There are a variety of additional methods to earn money while travelling; here are a few suggestions:

    5 ways to make money while travelling

  3. We have recently relocated and, wanting to reduce costs, we decided to handle the removal ourselves. Quite a task considering we were moving more than three hours away, had a four bed house and three sheds worth of stuff to move, plus two primary school age children.

    Would we do it ourselves again? I doubt it. Whilst we managed to cut the cost considerably in comparison to hiring removals, including having storage for three months and it still coming in under the removals quote, there are several reasons why I would actually recommend hiring a professional removals company instead.

    Read on to learn why hiring a removal company is worth the money.

    5 reasons you should never handle a removal yourself

    "Please all fit... it's going to all fit... it HAS to all fit...!"