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  1. five more signs im nearly 30- lylia rose lifestyle blog uk

    Five More Signs I Know I’m Almost 30…

    The countdown is well and truly on; less than a month to go until I am the big 3-0. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually mind at all.  I feel way more confident, focussed and happy going into my thirties than I could have ever imagined a few years back.  I’m excited for this new decade and feel it’s going to be my best years.  But, just for a giggle, here are five more signs I know I’m nearly 30…

    1. I'm spending an increasing amount of time at garden centres and actually enjoying it

    2. I planted potatoes last week

    3. I’ve pulled out at least three grey/white hairs in the last month, eek!

    4. I talk about the weather pretty much every single day

    5. Bedtime is 10ish, 11pm is considered a very late night and I think I'd fall asleep standing up if I tried to make it to midnight

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