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  1. childs farm strawberry and organic mint natural childrens shampoo - lylia r

    Childs Farm Shampoo | Strawberry & Mint (not just for children)
    Ooh I've found another Childs Farm product that I'd highly recommend.  It's the strawberry and organic mint shampoo.  This smells simply amazing.  It smells so delicious it makes me want to eat it!  Not only do I use this on Bella's hair, but mine too.
    I really love the Childs Farm range.  Everything I've used so far smells incredible and froths up wonderfully.  Plus, they make their products from nearly all natural ingredients.  They are suitable for newborns, children and adults alike!  My hair is always super shiny and soft.  This is all I use; no conditioner or treatments needed.
    I like to make sure the children and I come into the least contact possible with unnecessary chemicals.  Most products are laden with nasties that irritate the skin whilst entering our blood stream posing a further threat to our health.  
    Luckily both Bella and Reuben have no skin problems such as eczema, but the Childs Farm range is suitable for eczema prone and sensitive skin.  I've always suffered with eczema on my scalp at the top of my neck.  It's been there since I was around 12, but since using more natural shampoos it's disappeared!  I've not noticed any eczema for around one year now which is so amazing!  I'm certain it's down to eating much healthier and using non irritating natural shampoos such as Childs Farm.  I use their shampoos more than any others.

    They also use some organic ingredients.  Not loads, but some is better than none.  Hopefully one day everything will revert back to being organic and we'll all live in a better world!
  2. coconut oil solid state room temperature - oil pulling blog post lylia rose

    Coconut Oil Pulling – Three Month Update

    It’s been three months since I began the ancient practice of oil pulling using coconut oil.  Do you have no idea what I’m talking about? See my original oil pulling post by clicking here.

    I did start off oil pulling every day, but I’ve lessened this frequency now.  I oil pull every 2-3 days, so still a fair amount.  I have also recently changed the way I do it.  I read an article which said to brush your teeth first and then oil pull.  I was doing it the opposite way.  I am not sure which way is best or even if there are any differences, but I’d be keen to know.  I now brush my teeth, oil pull and rinse.  I find this way a little easier as I usually brush my teeth in the shower or after, then I can oil pull as I get ready and spit it out before my breakfast.

    I also do it for less than twenty minutes.  I aim for at least five minutes each time, but usually do it for 10-15.  I do it for however long it takes me to get ready.  I still notice the difference on the days I do it, even if I do it for less time.

    So what have I noticed?

    I’ve definitely noticed my teeth are whiter and cleaner.  This is also more noticeable on the oil pulling days.  To be fair, I’ve also not drank regular tea or coffee for around one year now.  Before, I used to drink at least two coffees a day, so this could have made a difference in the whiteness of my teeth too.  It will be interesting to see if they are much whiter after a year of pulling.  Just nine more months to go!

    Oil pulling is also supposed to improve your overall health as it rids the mouth of potentially harmful bacteria, which would otherwise enter the body.  I’ve not been ill since oil pulling, but I’m usually never ill anyway.  So I can’t be sure if it is improving my overall health as I have no comparison.  There is now some evidence for it reducing plaque so I will keep on.  I have the dentist soon and I wonder if they will notice a difference.

    There had not been any formal studies of the practice until this year.  A study of 60 people who had plaque induced gingivitis (inflammation of the gums which can also cause bad breath), found that symptoms decreased significantly within seven days and continued to do so after this.  There’s an interesting article with more links here:

    This is great news for those who practice this technique as it’s the first study proving some of its benefits.  Hopefully there will be more soon.  There are so many people who have seen results for themselves after long term oil pulling which keep me intrigued and I’ll continue to pull.  I shall post a year’s update once I get there!

  3. reasons im happy and sad last baby - lylia rose lifestyle family blog uk

    Why I'm happy/sad I've had my last baby...

    So Reuben is my last baby.  Before experiencing two horrific pregnancies I was determined to have three or four children.  I was hoping for lots of grandchildren running around our home one day!  But, we have decided to stop at two.  Well, Ben really only wanted two anyway, so perfect for him! 

    My second pregnancy was a million times worse than the first so I definitely don’t want to see what a third would be like.  Obviously there are then financial issues and space, but I think if we really really wanted another then we would have worked it out.  We are very blessed to have a boy and a girl, which possibly makes stopping at two all the easier.

    I’m now feeling quite happy we’ve had both our babies, but also a little sad.  It’s a very strange feeling and hard to explain.  It’s a mix of emotions and I’m not sure I will make sense to anyone.  So to kind of put it into words, here are a few reasons I am happy/sad we will not have another baby.


    • I get my body back.  Wahoo!  No more changing size and no more horrible maternity clothes/underwear!  I am massively looking forward to fitting into my pre baby wardrobe, only 7lbs to go!
    • I get my freedom back.  4-8 months more breastfeeding, then I can leave the house by myself!  Ben can look after the kiddies and I can have some time on my own.  A trip to my massage lady is top of my list.  I might even book half a day with her!
    • Me and Ben can spend time together… alone!  We can go on a date night or let the kids stay at Nana’s for a night and enjoy a Walking Dead marathon!
    • I can work again.  I miss running my business every day and it’s been hard to stay away.  It’s something which is just mine and I am very passionate about it.  I can’t wait to get stuck back in.
    • SLEEP.  Oh my.  I am desperate for just one night of full sleep.  When the time comes, I am thinking of booking myself into a hotel room for two days just to sleep.  No distractions, no noise, no lights, nothing.  Just to sleep.  Pure bliss!  But for now I’ll happily settle for no more night feeds.  Soon please.

    And here are some reasons I am sad we will not have another baby.  Weirdly, some of them are the same!


    • Chest snuggles.  Never again will I experience a little person fall asleep whilst fitting perfectly on my front. It’s one of the cutest and most amazing experiences.
    • Dependency.  As much as I want my freedom back, I will also miss having a baby totally dependent on just me.  It’s a really special feeling and such an incredible role to have.
    • Breastfeeding.  It’s a pain sometimes, making choosing outfits tricky and wearing awful nursing bras, but it’s also such a special bonding time.  I’ll never forget the way they both looked up and gazed into my eyes whilst feeding.  Amazing.
    • Evenings with baby and Ben.  As much as I love running my business, it does take up all of my spare time.  Even if I wasn’t self-employed I would have to return to employed evening work.  Bye-bye lovely evenings eating chocolate and watching TV series with Ben, whilst we bounce baby or enjoy adorable baby chest snuggles!
    • Gummy grins.  Oh my goodness.  Perhaps one of the best things ever about babies?  Big, wide mouthed, gummy smiles.  They just make me want to melt.  Just tickling Reuben or making a squeaking noise does the trick.  I’ll definitely be a little sad once his teeth pop through as gummy grins are simply adorable.


  4. july 2015 flowbox mini vegan contents - lylia rose food lifestyle blog uk

    July’s Flowbox Contents & First Impressions

    Oooooooh, July’s mini vegan Flowbox is right up my street.  The contents look just ideal for me and I’ve a feeling I’ll thoroughly enjoy every single product.  I can’t wait to get stuck in and try all these goodies.  Here’s a breakdown of July 2015’s mini vegan Flowbox contents and my first impressions:

    UGLY Water Lemon & Ginger -  just water and real natural flavourings.  No sweeteners.  I love water and ginger so this sounds great to me.

    LIMA Rice Cakes with Quinoa – I always have some rice cakes in the cupboard, usually Kallo, so I’m looking forward to trying a different brand with the addition of quinoa (pronounced keen-wa, not kwin-oh-a as I originally thought!

    NOM Cacao and Raspberry Bar – organic, coconut oil, raspberries, cacao – what’s not to love?  Sounds delicious.

    OLIVE BRANCH Roasted Pepper Paste with Fresh Chillies – chillies are my first choice if it comes to adding a bit of heat to a meal.  I’ll definitely be spreading this on the crackers to try.

    PLANET ORGANIC Chia, Vanilla and Hemp Energise Bar – superfoods, nuts, dried fruit.  I’m certain this will be super tasty.

    SCOTTS FARM Sweet Potato Chips – I’m obsessed with sweet potatoes, so intrigued to see what the crisp version tastes like.  Hopefully that scrumptious sweet potato taste will still be there.

  5. RAW Health | Energy Balls Review

    I've made lots of my own 'energy' balls recently (click here to view), so was keen to try some shop bought ones.  I purchased these Raw Health versions from Holland and Barrett to taste test.

     raw organic fruity coconut balls - energy healthy - lylia rose uk food blog

    These look great dusted with the desiccated coconut.  I've put coconut in mine, but will definitely have to give them a roll in some next time!  We ate these on a super hot day so the coconut flavour was perfect.  There's just enough as a snack for one, but Bella saw me and pinched half of mine, doh!  With only four organic and raw ingredients they are very wholesome.  I'm inspired to try and make my own with fewer ingredients.   I would certainly grab a pack of these ready made balls if I'm out and about!
     raw health organic spirulina orange energy balls - lylia rose food lifestyl
    Oh yum.  These were my favourite of the two.  A delicious orange kick and hard crunchy bits which must be thanks to the cacao nibs (these nibs are still on my shopping list!).  I really enjoyed these and luckily Bella only pinched half of one!  You can't even taste the spirulina. So don't be put off if you're not a fan of the green stuff.  These make a perfect chocolatey crunchy orange good for you treat.
    So I'm really impressed with Raw Health energy balls and would definitely buy both flavours again.  Totally scrumptious!