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  1. Woven Labels UK Review

    My youngest Reuben has started nursery today (that blog post will be coming soon!).  I suddenly realised last week I needed to label all his items.  He probably wouldn’t want Bella labels all over everything, even though we have a stack of those!  Luckily I knew just where to order some from as I believe I have found the best school name labels ever.

    woven labels uk just stick name review blog lylia rose stickers (2)

    The labels I’ve been using for Bella’s school belongings (and also whilst she was at playschool) are small stickers with her name on.  I love these stickers as they are super easy to use – just stick and go!  These stickers are super sticky, but somehow also remove without residue (on clothes at least; I’ve not tried removing from Tupperware yet), so you can pass items of clothing on without names sewn/marked in them.

    These labels are so sticky they stick on clothes, Tupperware and even on backpacks without coming off.  The best thing is they go through the washing machine and dishwasher at super high temperatures without fading or coming off either.  Amazing!  I still have some stuck on plastic pots and bottles from 2 years ago when Bella was at playgroup and they still look just as good.

    Realising I didn’t have name labels for Reuben’s settling in day last week, I popped on their website and luckily they had an express delivery option so my labels came the next day, just in time.  Phew!

    woven labels uk just stick name review blog lylia rose stickers (3)

    They are called Just Stick Clothing Name Labels and can be found here: 

    The labels I use are from Woven Labels UK and I’d definitely recommend them.  I don’t know why anyone would buy anything else!


  2. A non extensive list of hubby's annoying habits

    Before I start let me just say, sorry Ben!  I’m sure it’s not just you.  Just men are different.  I’ve spoken to friends and it seems their husbands do the same or similar!  I’m sure I’m annoying most of the time too; after all I am a woman!  But these things have been bugging me recently. 

    Here are five things my husband does all the time which are super annoying:

    4 Annoying Things My Husband Does on the Lylia Rose UK lifestyle blog

    1. Doesn’t change the toilet roll – time and time again I go to the bathroom to be faced with an empty toilet roll or even more annoyingly a new toilet roll on top of the empty toilet roll. Just change it!
    2. Shoes next to the shoe mat – we have a mat in our hallway to put shoes on to save putting them on the laminate floor.  My husband likes to put his next to the mat.  I’m starting to think he does it because it winds me up!
    3. Leaves things on the drainer forever – I tested him with this recently.  He washed up some paint brushes and left them on the drainer by the sink.  I knew he was waiting for ME to put them away.  So I didn’t.  I thought, I wonder how long until he puts his stuff away.  Answer = never.  After about 6 weeks I gave in and told him to put them away!
    4. Puts recycling next to the sink – perhaps he thinks every little bit of it needs washing up, but it doesn’t.  Just put it in the recycling bag we have!  That’s all I do when I see it.
    5. Won’t put my clothes away – even though I do all his washing, if I don’t have time to put our clothes away before going to work and ask him to do it, there will always be a little pile of mine left.  Apparently he doesn’t know where my clothes go.  In the other side of our shared wardrobe is probably a good guess...

    Does your husband/boyfriend do anything annoying like this?  Let me know in the comments!




  3. Why not build your own home?

    If you have been considering buying a new house and moving recently, you may be better off reconsidering your options. Sure, you could just see what’s on the market and buy a home that is all ready for you to move into. But wouldn’t you love the challenge of building your very own property? It is a very rewarding and fulfilling project, one that will result in you owning a very special home that has your personality stamped all over it.


    Many people worry that building a home can be a big hassle, one that is fraught with stress and can end up being very expensive. Thankfully, all of these are simply not true. If you plan your project correctly and seek the right advice, you will find that it goes without a single hitch! You never know, the project could go so well, you might want to showcase it on TV shows such as Grand Designs!

    Still not convinced about building your very own property? Here are some truly compelling reasons why it’s a good idea.

    New Homes Mean More Space

    Over the years, the houses that have been built in this country have been slowly getting bigger and bigger. Generally speaking, homes that are built today are now on average 700 square feet larger than those built only 20 years ago. So, as you can see, a newly built home will certainly afford you more space. If you have a sizeable plot of land on which to build, you will be able to build a home as big as you like!

    Better Construction

    The number one complaint from homeowners who have bought their house is that their property hasn’t been built to good enough standards. You won’t be able to complain about this if you build a home. That’s because you can hire builders who know what they are doing and work to very high standards. If you put in enough money into materials and labour, you will reap the rewards by living in a solid home that is well built. Don’t forget that the land on which you build also matters, and you should get it investigated by a company like Bristol & Avon Transport to make sure it is suitable to build on.


    Boosting Local Economy

    When you commissioned a building firm or construction company to build your new property, you are helping to give the local economy a little boost. All of the professional builders and labourers who work on your home will be kept in work and will be earning a decent wage. Not only that, though, but you will be adding a house to the local area as well. Currently, the country is in the middle of a housing crisis and needs all the new properties that it can get. By moving into a new build, you are helping to free up your old house so that another family can move in and make it their home.

    So, what are you waiting for? Time to get planning!


  4. Steamer Trading Product Review: L'Equip 215 XL Juicer

    We do love a good homemade juice in our house.  We usually make a healthy green juice once per week.  I say we, but it’s more Ben nowadays.  He’s taken charge of our juicer, whereas I’ll make myself a smoothie every day now.  A good green juice can give you a healthy energy boost and it’s almost as though I can hear every cell in my body thanking me when I have one.  As a weekly treat, a homemade juice is a fantastic way to really revitalise your body and nourish your cells.  If you’re not such a health freak like me, then a juice will be a welcome addition alongside a less healthy diet to ensure your body gets a boost of vitamins and minerals which it may desperately need.  If you are following quite an unhealthy diet then perhaps it’s time to overhaul your eating habits as we settle into a New Year and treat yourself to a juicer?

    Steamer Trading Blog Review LEquip 215 XL Juicer Lylia Rose food juicing gr

    For some recipe inspiration check out some of my delicious juice recipes:

    Steamer Trading Blog Review LEquip 215 XL Juicer Lylia Rose food juicing gr

    We were very kindly sent the L'Equip 215 XL Juicer to review from Steamer Trading last week.  Ben was super keen to give it a whirl and once I bought some ingredients for a green juice he kept bugging me all weekend to make it (I was busy working most of the weekend)!  In the end I told him to go ahead and get cracking!  He is the supreme juice maker in our house after all.  The ingredients I purchased (and we used them all) are:

    • 1 whole bag of spinach
    • 6 Golden Delicious green apples
    • 1 whole cucumber
    • 1 lemon
    • ½ thumb of ginger (though we should have used a thumb for a stronger ginger kick)

    As soon as I heard the whirring, I had to go and witness the juicer in action and have a go myself!  I couldn’t resist.

    Steamer Trading Blog Review LEquip 215 XL Juicer Lylia Rose food juicing gr

    As expected for a juicer which was voted number 1 in The Independent’s best juicers of 2016, we were pretty impressed.  It performed well and is quite a bargain at £99 as many machines are way more expensive than this and do exactly the same powerful job.  I’ve decided to round up our thoughts into pros and cons:

    Review: L'Equip 215 XL Juicer lylia rose food lifestyle uk blog

    PROS of the L'Equip 215 XL Juicer

    • Affordable - a really great price at just under £100, yet it still performs as well as higher priced items
    • Powerful -  able to juice whole fruits and vegetables without preparing them first thanks to its XL chute
    • Handy Pulp Ejection - automatically ejects all the pulp into a container so you can easily compost/discard the waste
    • Fast – you can make a simple juice in a few seconds and retain lots of the fruit/veg nutrients
    • Looks attractive – the design is sleek and modern and will look great in any kitchen
    • Compact– perfect for any sized kitchen
    • Quiet– not loud at all compared to how powerful it is
    • Convenient - easy to set up and take apart to make a quick juice if you’re short on time
    • Easy to clean – just rinse the filter and scrub quickly with a brush, then pop all the bits into your dishwasher

    CONS (& solutions) of the L'Equip 215 XL Juicer

    • It does not come with a jug, so you’ll need to find the right sized cup or jug to go at the end.  We like to make large batches of juice to last a couple of days so prefer to use a jug.  Luckily we had a jug that fit from another juicer, but you may need to buy a suitable jug if you don’t already have one.
    • It does not come with a cleaning brush.  Not a huge deal, but other kitchen equipment we have purchased have come with a suitable cleaning brush to really get into all those little filter holes.  A standard washing up brush will do the trick though and most people will already have one.
    • It jumps upon starting.  This shows just how powerful the motor is!  But you may want to just keep a hand on top to hold it down when you first flick the on switch!

    Steamer Trading Blog Review LEquip 215 XL Juicer Lylia Rose food juicing gr

    I almost forgot to show you my juice!


    It’s a high performing juicer at a really great price.  It’s perfect for a beginner as well as a regular juicing fanatic, you may just need to buy a couple of extra bits (jug and brush) if you don’t already have these at home to make using and cleaning it even easier.  This is no biggie though and wouldn’t put me off buying this juicer.

    You can find Steam Trading here:




  5. Is there such a thing as vegetarian food in Poland strawberry soup

    I’ve never visited before, but one day I’d love to find a cheap holiday to Poland and explore the cities such as Warsaw and Krakow.  The architecture looks beautiful; I’d even go as far as saying it’s quite pretty.  If you love castles, Poland has over 100 ready for you to explore.  Away from the popular cities the scenery doesn’t look like it will disappoint with its incredible mountains, lakes and wooden lodges scattered about.    It’s renowned for its super cheap prices and it’s not that far away at all, only two and a half hours by plane and there are always incredible cheap deals online.

    The only trouble I find I have when I do travel to Europe is whether restaurants are vegetarian friendly.  Being vegetarian in Europe can sometimes make me feel a bit like an alien.  Many people seem to have no concept of the idea at all.  Someone once replied ‘oh yes, I’m vegetarian too, I eat vegetables’.  Turned out they actually ate meat with those vegetables!  One time, in Florence, I was served a plate of sliced plain aubergine. Apparently that’s all they could muster up for an awkward veggie like me.

    Is vegetarianism a thing in Poland?

    Inspired by this guide to Poland’s regional food I decided to scour the web to see what Poland’s take on vegetarianism is.    As I thought, it’s pretty non-existent.  Though according to Wikipedia, 3.2% of Polish people are vegetarian.  How accurate this data is or how they find out, I don’t know.  I have no idea how anyone official would know I’m a vegetarian as I’m sure it’s not a question on a census?  In the same article it says 2-12% of the UK are vegetarian – quite a large range really.  But if the lower 2% were true then Poland could have more vegetarians than us, yet I have struggled to find much about the very subject of vegetarianism being much of a trend in Poland at all.  Most articles seem to be about the struggle of vegetarians when eating in Poland, but surely there are plenty of side dishes that don’t contain meat?

    As the infographic below shows there are lots of meat themed dishes, as I expected, but there is also a surprising amount of food that seems totally fine for us veggies.  The strangest of these being a strawberry soup (Zupa Truskawkowa); totally bizarre, right?  I do love a strawberry smoothie though and I like sour cream so perhaps it’s not too strange?  I’ve seen images of it served with pasta online though which is a little too strange for me! 

    I don’t eat sugary foods, but if I did I’d give the Polish ‘tree cake’ (Sekacz) a whirl!  Doesn’t it look fabulous!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  What a great centrepiece for a get together.  I was almost drooling over the description of their ‘zupa cebulowa’ which I think is their version of French onion soup or quite similar?  I’ve never actually tried French onion soup, believe it or not, so tell me if I’m wrong!  This Polish version has fried onions, noodles and lots of delicious gooey egg yolk (I think the egg yolk is what’s selling it to me, yum!).

    Have you been to Poland?  Is there much choice there for vegetarians?