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  1. How to focus on you in 2021

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    Taking time for yourself and looking after number 1 has never been more important than it is right now. Everyone has had a tough year, the majority of people have either been rushed off their feet working crazy hours, or you’ve been furloughed, possibly made redundant and therefore taking care of yourself has probably been taking a back seat.

    2021, however, is the time to put yourself first. It’s the time to sort out your routine, to look after your skin and get healthier. It’s not easy to rewire your habits and learn new things so make sure to take your time and not be too hard on yourself.

    Read on to discover how you can best focus on you in 2021.

  2. The best plans for disconnecting from routine

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    Right now, more than ever, we need to prioritise self-care and take a break from our normal routine.  Or even a break from the current routine we find ourselves in due to the global pandemic.

    Work may be more stressful than usual.  You may be furloughed, have job uncertainty or even had to have closed your business for lockdown.

    It’s important to take a step away from your regular routine to refresh your mind, destress and connect to yourself instead.

    Here are some of the best ways to disconnect from your usual routine.

  3. Wellbeing tips while working from home

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    National lockdown number two starts in England from midnight tonight.  After the government’s big push to get everyone back to work, many will now be preparing to return back home to work once again!

    Whilst working from home seems like a luxury to some, it doesn’t suit everyone.  And, combined with the uncertainty of the current economic situation, working in isolation at home can cause heightened stress, loneliness and anxiety.

  4. Remote working: your flexible working rights for a better work life balance

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    Is remote working: here to stay?

    The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has totally turned our worlds upside down.  Life may never be the same again and in some ways this is great news.  If there’s one positive change that will remain once the pandemic ends then it’s the continuation of flexible working for the UK workforce.

    Flexible working arrangements and the ability to work from home have long been sought after by many employees for an improved work-life balance.  Most of us who work online or using computers already knew that our jobs can be completed just as effectively, if not better, from the comfort of our own homes.

  5. Maintaining good health during the coronavirus lockdown

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    Staying at home during the lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic can affect your life in so many different ways. For most people, this will even feel like a punishment of sorts as your ability to undertake normal day to day activities, including going to work, has been taken away. As the lockdown continues for at least another three weeks it might, at times, feel as though you are a prisoner in your own home!

    Even though I work from home full-time anyway, my routine has still been disrupted.  I am used to having six or seven hours to myself at home each day, in peace and quiet, to crack on with work.  It’s hard to concentrate and work all day as I used to when my husband and two children are here all day, needing attention and making noise.  My youngest is five so being quiet is not an option!

    I’d still go out every day to get a break from the house.  I’d go to the gym each morning and I’d regularly work in a business lounge so as I could escape my house.  Working from home sounds like a dream, but as many people are probably finding out right now, cabin fever can really set in when you are at home all the time.

    For my own sanity I had to change my ‘work’ scenery regularly before the lockdown, but now I must always stay at home and try to keep working full-time amongst all the noise and having to be mum at the same time, as I am now the only earner during the lockdown.  It’s certainly a challenge.

    Not only have our work lives and home lives been affected, but our health can be affected in so many ways too.  We are unable to partake in the exercise we are used to and we may not be able to get all the healthy food we are so used to buying.  On occasion our local convenience store has been totally wiped out of fresh fruits and vegetables and we’ve been unable to secure online deliveries.  When we did get an online delivery at the start of the lockdown almost half of what we ordered was out of stock and there were no replacements.

    Even so, it is still so important to try and maintain good health during the lockdown.  It’s vital for physical health and mental health.  Right now it’s even more important to stay healthy to keep us sane and also to give our body the best chance of fighting off the virus should we catch it.

    Here are some tips to ensure you are staying healthy during the lockdown.

  6. Make 1Change in 1Minute to reduce single-use plastics

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    Ad for The Midcounties Co-operative 1Change campaign – all words and opinions are my own.

    Our planet is literally suffocating from the amount of single-use plastic we are using and discarding on a daily basis.  It is killing animals, polluting our oceans and even poisoning us.

    Now we are aware of the destruction and damage this product has upon planet Earth, it’s more important than ever for us to curb our plastic-loving habits.  It’s time to replace single-use plastic with something more sustainable to protect our health and future.

    I recently undertook a challenge with The Midcounties Co-operative to see if I could reduce my plastic use in 60 seconds.  The campaign is about making 1Change in 1Minute.

    Reducing single-use plastic and helping our planet doesn’t need to be overwhelming or take time to implement.  We can make better choices in a minute or less every single day.

  7. How to start gardening on a budget

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    Read on to learn how to start gardening on a budget.  People choose to start a garden for a number of reasons – a need for physical activity, a desire to organically reduce the amount of stress in their lives, the drive to get outside more and connect with nature or maybe it’s because they want to reduce their monthly food bills by growing their own vegetables, fruits and herbs

    Whatever the reason, gardening is becoming more and more common in urban and inner-city neighbourhoods. Whether you have the space for large, raised garden beds or you are living in an apartment building but want to start a vertical garden; gardening can truly happen anywhere.

  8. Is being vegan expensive?

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    Is being vegan expensive?  The answer?  It can be as expensive or as affordable as you want it to be.  Pretty much like anything else in life.  You can choose the cheap car or you can choose a more luxurious car.  The same goes for food, drink, holidays, clothes, homewares, you name it.  Choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle is no different.  It can cost a pretty penny or you can choose to do it on a budget.

    One question I’m asked a lot as I am now 100% plant based (or vegan as it’s more widely and easily understood), is whether it is expensive.   My answer is yes and no.  No it’s not expensive if you stick to eating a diet stuffed full of fresh fruits and vegetables, but mostly veggies, that are in season.  But yes it is expensive if you start buying processed vegan food and junk food such as vegan cheeses and vegan mayonnaises, raw chocolate bars, meat alternatives and so on.

  9. Achieve natural beauty with these holistic health tips

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    What better way to feel more beautiful than to follow a care routine that supports you, as much as it does the environment?

    The following tips form part of a careful selection of sustainable products in which you can use to integrate the principles of conscious consumption (like reducing and reusing) to help you attain natural beauty.

  10. 5 things I’ve learned having a sacroiliac joint injury

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    Six weeks ago I twisted my sacroiliac joint and I’m pleased to say it’s finally healed!  It was agony for the first four weeks, but then it really quickly started feeling better in week four.  I got a bit excited and tried to jog, but it felt like the bones were grinding, so I left it another week and I was finally able to run this week, swim and do yoga without being in agony.  It’s exactly six weeks today and it’s totally back to normal.  I wasn’t sure whether the chiropractor or osteopath helped or whether they were right for this injury.  All the information I Googled said it was a 4-6 week injury and it was right.  Perhaps it would have just healed itself and I could have saved my money.  Who knows.