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  1. Win the whole cost of your online shop with cashback site Boom25

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    If you know me or read my blog then you’ll know I’m an advocate for cashback sites.  Getting cashback on purchases that you are going to make anyway is simply a no-brainer.  Those who don’t use cashback sites are simply throwing free money away!  In over two years we’ve made over £800 from cashback, but what if we could make even more?  There’s a cashback website called Boom25 and they do things a little differently.  In this blog post I am going to share with you how you can potentially win back the full cost of your online shop with Boom25 cashback

    Win the whole cost of your online shop with cashback site Boom25


    Boom25 is a cashback site with a difference.  If you place your online shopping orders through them then you have a 1 in 25 chance of winning all your money back on your purchase!  This is in stark contrast to some other cashback sites that only offer a percentage worth a few pence on some cashback offers.  Looking today, they also have plenty of special offers which they call 'Hot Deals' with various retailers where your odds of winning are even higher, such as 1 in 8.  A major benefit also being that I can see some retailers on Boom25 that don’t offer cashback on the regular sites, so this is a great reason to get signed up today!

    Boom25 – a different kind of cashback site

    If you’re sick of only receiving pence from other cashback sites and enjoy a bit of fun, at no extra cost to you, then simply shop through Boom25 links for a chance to win cashback of your full order amount.  It’s so simple and after reading some online forums of customers who have been at it for ages, I can see that they regularly win the cashback and many claim they win so much more than when using other sites.

    At the time of writing this they have 871 retailers, have paid out £590,060 in winnings with the largest win being £4,225 and they have 200,260 members.  200,261 now as I’ve just signed up and can’t wait to get winning.  As a bonus for signing up, you’ll have 50p added to your account straight away. 

    Boom25 – a different kind of cashback website

    It’s quick, easy and free to sign up.  Then just remember to shop through their links when making your online purchases.  By clicking via their links you’ll be automatically entered with a chance of winning the full cashback amount as soon as you make your purchase.  Winnings are paid out to every 25th shopper, or more if in Hot Deals, and then if you’re a winner you’ll receive an email and cash will be sent via PayPal.  Simples.

    Boom25 aims to be a less boring cashback site and add the thrill back into earning cashback for online shopping.  I certainly think they have achieved this with their exciting platform. 

    They say ‘Every 25th shopper – BOOM! – free money. Sounds like fun? Imagine you just got a £1400 for a hotel stay in Paris or a £400 refund for a new smartphone! Boom25 provides the highest likelihood of earning cash back when you shop online. Why not give it a shot?’

    As an added bonus you can earn £3 for each friend you refer!  You have nothing to lose, but lots of money to potentially gain. 

    Click here to sign up:


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    Win the whole cost of your online shop with cashback site Boom25

  2. Blog and Home Income Report August 2018

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    If you’ve been here before then scroll down to see the income breakdown, if not then start at this introduction for why I share my income online.  Get ready for a blog post stuffed full of links to help you too make money online and from home!

    Welcome to my monthly income report where I share exactly how much money I have made from my blog and at home.  It’s great for me to see where I’m earning the money and also to inspire others who want to earn from home.  There’s a lot of debate of whether people should share income reports, but personally I love them!  When I wanted to monetise my blog I read them and they inspired me to push forward and go for it.  Without reading an income report of another blogger I wouldn’t have even known it was possible to make money from my own blog.

    To read more on this with an in depth reason behind sharing my income reports start with this blog post:  Why I publish income reports

    Making money from blogging is totally possible if you’re prepared to treat it like a business and put the hard work in.  As well as blogging, I make money from mystery tasks, website testing, matched betting, online selling and cashback. 

    The top 3 ways I made money from home in 2017 is a great blog post to see my most profitable home money making methods in one whole year.

    August 2018 Income Breakdown

    The below are my totals before any expenses, income tax, national insurance or anything else, so my total turnover for the month.  My yearly business expenses last year were approximately £4000.  I also save £500 per month to cover my annual tax, national insurance, student loan repayments and pension.  So my total monthly outgoings and savings to cover all this are approximately £830.

    Last month, July 2018, was my best EVER month moneywise working from home.  This month is now my second best month!  It was a whopper of a month and totally unexpected.  Last August was so quiet and I assumed it was because many people were on holiday and so on.  I expected this August to be the same, but amazingly it was much busier.  It could be because I’m now running three money making blogs and not just one!  The other two have much lower DA scores, but I’ve still been managing to get some paid collaborations for them.

    As I’ve been blogging for so long now I also get a lot of regular paid work from the same agencies and PRs.  It’s never guaranteed, but as I provide a fast and reliable service they do come back time and time again.

    I do always get scared of getting too excited when my earnings increase as I think it must just be fluke!  It’s only day two of September and I’m already feeling anxious that it will be a quiet month.  I wonder if this is just a normal feeling at the start of every month for self-employed people, whether it’s something I’ll just have to get used to!  I work on an ad-hoc basis too, so I never know what work will come my way each month until it happens.  I can see how some people couldn’t work like this as the worry and uncertainty would just be too much!

    Anyway, August was a great month, so I’ll focus on that!

    Read on for the breakdown of how much money I earned from home in August:

    Blog and Home Income Report August 2018

    Blogging - £3059.37

    This includes running giveaways, collaborative blog posts and reviews.  I charge for all of them.  Blog posts can take around 2 hours of my time so I have to value this time.  Any free time I have is spent with my children, husband, or blogging just for me. 

    If there was no compensation for blogging for companies then I wouldn’t do it.  I would still blog, but my blog would be 100% for me.  It’s amazing how many emails I get every day asking me to share business links for free, write content for free and review products on my blog and social channels for free.  The worst are the ones who tell me I should be so grateful for their high quality content for free… though it’s stuffed with links to help their clients SEO who are paying them… 

    My advice to bloggers is to value your time, your dedication and your resources.

    For more blogging tips and advice on ways to make money from home and online read my blog posts how I made £26000 from home in 2017 and 10 ways to make money blogging

    It’s not all about stats, but they can help, so here are this month’s website and social stats for reference:

    Page Views




    New Users


    Total Users


    Twitter @lyliarose


    Instagram @lyliarose


    Pinterest @lyliarose




    Newsletter subscribers



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    Matched betting - £268.84

    Another great month!  My aim is always £100 per month, so anything over is excellent.  Plus, the best thing is it’s tax free!

    I recommend using Profit Accumulator for matched betting as a beginner.  They have so many guides and walk you through the whole process in the first few offers.  If you are stuck you can ask a question in the forum and someone will get back to you.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee on their memberships, plus you can try the first couple of offers without even signing up to anything to see that it really does work and is so simple once you get the hang of the free bet offers! 

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    One Year Review: How I earn up to £50 per hour matched betting from home 

    Matched betting milestones 18 months and £5000

    Personal eBay and Facebook Marketplace - £117.45

    Over £100 again!  I’m selling old and outgrown kids clothes, toys and a few home bits.  I’ve cleared out our attic and there’s almost nothing left to sell.  I’ve been on a minimal mission for years and years and I’m nearly at the point of only owning things I need and use.  It’s a personal mission of mine and I think I’ve almost got hubby on board.  There’s a corner of the attic with bits he’s held onto for years and he’s finally starting to sell some of it!  I do love selling online.

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    Referrals - £83.48

    Ooh a touch more than last month.  I’d love to always hit £100 per month, so I have a little work to do.  These were from Profit Accumulator referrals and around 70p from Amazon Associates!  I never had luck with Amazon so I closed my account and cashed out my pence.

    I’m now trying to up my Awin game and have £170 pending in my account.  Click to make money from your blog with Awin affiliate marketing and get £30 per person you refer too!

    Curve cash back - £7

    Read on to get free money from Curve!

    I signed up for a Curve card using someone else’s code last month which meant I got £5 cashback for free!  Curve is an app and also a Mastercard debit card with which you can use any of your bank cards or credit cards to pay for a purchase, but you only have to carry around the Curve card.  You use the app to control which card you pay with.  You have 14 days to change which card you paid with, if you need to move it from your debit card to credit card for example. You also get 1% cashback for three months, so it’s worth paying for everything for at least three months using the Curve card to take advantage of this.

    Plus you and me both get £5 cashback if you sign up with my code: FL2KH at

    It costs nothing to sign up to their free service and you’ll get £5 for free for using my code and 1% cashback for three months at no extra cost to you.  It’s basically free money!

    WhatUsersDo - £5

    I do website testing at WhatUsersDo and it’s so easy!  I get paid £5 per test and some of them are only a question or two. 

    Read my blog post easily make money from home by testing websites and sign up yourself!

    Top Cashback - £3.16

    We’ve now had over £800 cashback as a household since starting April 2016.  You’re crazy if you’re not doing it.

    Learn how to earn cashback on things you already buy and be amazed with amount of extra cash you have back in your pocket! 

    Read my latest blog post about it here: Over £800 cashback in 2 years with Top Cashback

    Streetbees - £1

    An app where you can answer questions whilst at home such as about your pets and takeaways to earn money!

    Read get paid doing simple tasks from your phone with Streetbees to do it yourself.

    August 2018 grand total: £3,545.30



    Matched betting


    Personal eBay


    Referrals (PA and Amazon)


    Curve cashback




    Top Cashback







    Another month where I beat my husband Ben’s wage - a personal target of mine!

    I’m so chuffed again, but I’m still thinking it’s a fluke couple of months.  Let’s see what September brings.  My aims are to increase the domain authorities on my two new blogs and hopefully increase their money making capability.

    If you want to read more then check out the 5 ways I made £30000 money from home in 2017/2018

    Blog and Home Income Report August 2018 (1)


  3. Mobile phone data saving tips

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    It's no secret that we simply can't live without our mobile phones anymore.  They've become so much more than just a phone to speak to people on via voice calls, but are now our sat-navs, cameras, maps, notebooks, calendars and they're even replacing computers with mobile browsing higher than ever before and beginning to take over desktop browsing!  When buying a contract we probably prioritise the data bundle over calls and texts.  In this blog post we'll look at ways to save money on mobile data each month with a few simple tricks and tips.

    Mobile phone data saving tips

    Photo by Paul Hanaoka

    Mobile phone customers use more data on the move than ever before. However, most customers still don’t use their data allowance and end up paying more than they need to on their monthly tariff. The average monthly bill for a mobile phone user in the UK is £45.60 and the average data plan is 16GB of data.

    The average data usage in the UK is a lot lower than the average data plan. Most users in the UK only use just above 4GB of a data a month. Research suggests users will only use around 9GB of data by 2021.  This means most of us are paying far too much for our data plans and we could be saving money!

     Mobile phone data saving tips

    Most mobile phone plans now come with unlimited texts and calls, so it’s the data plan and handset which really costs the money. Understanding your usage and how to save mobile phone data on the move can save a lot of money on your plan.

    Its common knowledge that streaming movies uses a large amount of data, but other activities can drain your data without your knowledge. Below shows what 10GB of data can do for you.

     Mobile phone data saving tips 2

    Source –

    Skype, Google maps and watching TV are the largest data users but not everyone uses their phone for this. App usage heavily effects how much data you use on the move. Apps update on the move and if left running behind the scenes they’re still using mobile data.  Check to see if you have location services turned on for some apps too as they might not need to be checking your location all the time!

     Mobile phone data saving tips 3

    The chart above shows the most used Apps. Different age groups will use different apps but most will agree that Facebook has become the go to app as soon as you open your device. As soon as you open and refresh the feed that uses data. As mentioned above, each of these apps must update and many do so automatically, so the total number of apps on your device affects your data usage.  The more apps you have then the more apps that are regularly updating and zapping your data!

     Mobile phone data saving tips

    Optimising the apps on your phone helps keep your data usage controlled. Keeping the number down is one trick but you can also control how your apps update. Setting each app to request an update rather than auto update will help you update your apps when you have Wi-Fi, instead of using data usage.

    Removing old apps that don’t get used makes sense, having a cluttered app tray will increase the number of apps that need to update on the move. Push notifications also use data. Consumers using multiple news apps, messenger apps and general apps which push news or information will end up using their data without realising.

    How and when you use your phone will also impact how you use your data.

     Mobile phone data saving tips

    Most people use their phone in and out of the home, this means most consumers should be using their Wi-Fi rather than data. People on the move will use the most data but even they can save money. Following a few general rules will help you to reduce the amount of data you need, and then you may be able to reduce your phone bill drastically or lower the data bundle!

    Remove and optimise apps

    Removing unused apps will ensure you are not updating on the move. So many apps are downloaded on impulse and this will drive their amount of data usage drastically. Optimising how each app updates and setting as manual will make sure they don’t download on the move.

    Do you need push notifications from each app? News, betting and game apps are heavily optimised to push consumers notifications. This helps bring the consumers awareness back to the app. You can optimise each app to decide if you want push notifications.

    How much do you really need?

    Checking your data usage before signing up to a new mobile phone plan helps understand what you need. Checking your last 3-6 months data usage will give you a good steer on what you really need.

    Streaming vs downloading

    We’ve mentioned this above but streaming movies and music will use a lot of data on the move. Downloading what you need or want in advance will save streaming on the move. As most devices now have expanded memory and additional storage with a memory card, it makes sense to download in advance instead of streaming on the go.

    Free Wi-Fi

    Most public locations now have free Wi-Fi available. Most people don’t take the time to login to free Wi-Fi, but you should take a moment to in order to take advantage of using free Wi-Fi instead of using your own (costly) mobile phone data.

    Saving money

    It’s simple to save money on each plan by understanding the following:

    • Don’t overspend on mobile data you don’t/won’t use
    • Optimise your phone to handle your lifestyle
    • Take actions to minimise data usage on the move
    • Always access free Wi-Fi when its available


    By spending a few moments reviewing your apps and ensuring you are using Wi-Fi when available, you could reduce your phone bill by coming down a tier with regards to the data package.


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    Mobile phone data saving tips