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Aduna moringa bar with mango & cashew

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I was recently contacted by Aduna and asked if I wanted to try their new energy bars with moringa, before they hit the shops.  How exciting to be one of the first to try this new product from Aduna.

You may have noticed I reviewed their moringa powder recently and now they have added this powder to a raw energy bar for easy snacking on the go!

I’ve become a big fan of Aduna moringa and baobab products recently and definitely support their amazing ethics.

Just click here to read my Aduna moringa powder review.

Read on for my Aduna Moringa with Mango and Cashew Green Superleaf Energy Bar review.  

Aduna moringa raw energy bar review

aduna moringa with mango and cashew green superleaf energy bar blog review

Aduna moringa raw energy bar review

'The Miracle Bar'

I use the Aduna moringa powder most days in smoothies and cooking, but it's always handy to have a bar to hand when on the go and for some speedy snacking!

There are so many health benefits of moringa that it is the perfect way to top up your vitamins and minerals each day naturally.  A snack bar makes this really easy to do, especially if you're on the go a lot.

There's certainly no escaping the moringa taste in these bars.  They taste very green!

It may take a little getting used to if you're not used to green leafy tasting powders, but keep trying.  You can actually taste the goodness!

If you could bottle up 'healthy' then I'm sure this would be the flavour!

I now find myself craving this leafy green taste.  It’s like my body knows it wants it which is a great thing!

Cashew, mango and moringa?

The cashew and mango combination is a perfect idea as they go so well with the earthy moringa taste.  I thought it sounded strange at first, but it actually works well.

They add a welcoming contrast of sweetness, as well as a good amount of chewiness!

The stickiness and chewiness of the Aduna bars is perfect.  I think this texture is also what makes me continuously crave Aduna energy bars as, for me, it is spot on!

Healthy snack bars for kids too!

These make fab snacks for children too. Bella already loves their baobab bars which are tangy and sweet, but I wasn’t so sure if she’d like these.  Well, right after tasting a little piece of mine she asked for more!  I gave another piece and again she asked for more!

How fab is this?!  She’s three in just over one week and I’m so impressed she likes the moringa flavour.  It's really grassy and earthy and I'm sure some adults would scrunch their nose up at the moringa taste.

Hate the moringa taste?

If the earthy moringa taste is not for you then don't depair.  You can still get all the amazing health and beauty benefits of moringa by using the powwder in recipes.  Juice and smoothie recipes are great for disgusing the tatse!

Here are two to get you started:

Moringa powder green smoothie recipe

Delicious green kale & moringa powder juice recipe

Final word

I am certain these bars are going to be a great success.  They are really delicious and the benefits of moringa are almost second to none.  Not only are they good for adults, but a perfect healthy snack for children too.

Please do visit the amazing Aduna website at to view their great baobab products, recipe ideas and more!