How to feel more energised throughout the day

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How to feel more energised throughout the day

Being a self-confessed workaholic and mum of two, I’m always busy. If I’m not working on my business, then I’m on mum duty. But there is a big difference between being busy and feeling energised. Even though you are busy, you can still feel lethargic and tired. I like to use natural skin care products and eat organic produce. So it’s only natural for me to look at this kind of approach to increase energy levels and feel better about myself.

How to naturally feel more energised throughout the day

How to feel more energised throughout the day

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Drink more water

When you don’t hydrate enough, it can have a real effect on your concentration and the way you function. A low water intake can give you a feeling of drowsiness. It’s not easy to drink a lot of water throughout the day, a lot of people struggle with this. One way to do it is to have a 2-litre bottle filled up each day and aim to drink it before your evening meal. Sometimes you might find you have done it before you realise. If you are at work or sat at a computer having it next to you will prompt you to drink more.  For the purest water, I recommend drinking distilled water.

Get some natural light

Light is one of the ways your body knows when it’s time to start the day or when to relax in an evening. It doesn’t mean just switching your bedside lamp on when you wake up. It means letting the natural light in. Being amongst daylight as much as you can during the day is a natural energiser. A great way to increase the natural light in your home is with window shutters. The experts at S:CRAFT recommend shutters if you want complete control over how much light enters your home.

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Increase the amount of sleep you have

I know it may seem difficult to get more sleep. Being a mum can sometimes make it difficult with sleepless nights. But actually going to sleep 15 minutes earlier than you would normally will give you over 2 hours of extra rest a week. Don’t be tempted to lie in if you can help it. It’s also recommended for you to get out of bed when you naturally wake up and start your day. Having the extra sleep in a morning can throw your whole body out of sync.

Move, move, move

Exercising is well known to give you more energy. It gets you heart beating and the blood pumping round your body. Of course, when you haven't exercised for a while the first few weeks can feel hard. But stick to it and you will start to see the benefits and feel great. I like running personally, but do whatever you like to start you off.

You are what you eat

As a vegetarian, I like to have a mainly organic plant based whole food diet. Of course, you have treat days. But it’s worth noting that if you continue to put into your body junk food or sugary treats for that quick boost, you will soon feel even worse than you begin with. You don’t have to change your diet completely. Just be mindful that what you put in will have an effect on your body, be it good or bad.

If you follow this guide, you may start to feel more energised in no time.


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