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Here's what I would look for in a luxury home

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As we’re tackling more and more of our home improvements, I’ve come to realise that I really do enjoy making our house our home.

Putting our own stamp on things has given me a real sense of achievement and satisfaction.

I’ve loved all those trips to the DIY store. Browsing all the tiles, flooring, paints, and bathrooms has even been a lot of fun at times!

But even though I’ve been keeping busy making so many improvements to the house, I have also had a few style crushes on the high-end things I’ve seen. Typically though, they are all out of my budget range!

I’m talking about all those gorgeous luxury fittings you see, like the solid wood flooring, and the quality wallpaper at forty quid a roll.

Would I like to own a luxury home? I would certainly like to if I had the money!

Things I'd want in a luxury home

A luxury home for me is as much about functionality and convenience as it is about beauty and quality.

Who wouldn’t want a kitchen the size of a living room, or a bathroom as big as your bedroom? Size can sometimes make things easier.

And, I have to admit there are one or two rooms at home I secretly wish I could extend! My idea of a luxury house definitely includes some larger sized rooms.

A playroom

I think I would like to have a couple more rooms too.

A good sized playroom would be perfect for us right now. For a start, it would contain the mess of toys!

And it would also be a fantastic environment for children to get creative and have fun. That’s my idea of luxury!

Built in soundsystem

I think I might like fitted speakers in each room so I could listen to music wherever I am in the house too.  In the shower... in the garden... in the kitchen... in the bedroom...!

Hot tub

I’ve seen some amazing houses for sale online that have swimming pools or gyms. But for me, I think I would go for a hot tub.

I love the idea of all the bubbles soothing my muscles and helping me relax at the end of a long day. I would probably put it under a veranda, so we have privacy and some cover when it’s too hot or too cold.


I would also love a big garage so I can put the car away each night in the winter. I hate scraping all the ice off the windscreen when I’m in a hurry in the morning.

Solid oak garage doors will be perfect for making my luxury home look contemporary and stylish.

Perhaps I’d invest in a much classier car! I suspect a good people carrier will do for my family, though.

Double shower

A double shower would be amazing for the master ensuite in my luxury home. All that room to wash your hair without bashing your elbows on the side would be perfect.

Jacuzzi showers look amazing. They have light effects, built-in TV screens and speakers. And best of all, they give you the most incredible shower experience. I might never come out!

It would have to look slick though as I can imagine it looking quite tacky if not done stylishly!

Kitchen upgrade

I think the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house.

I would love an incredible tiled floor with underfloor heating. Soft close drawers and cupboards are ideal when there are kids about.

And a huge American style fridge freezer will be perfect for storing all those fresh fruit and veg from the garden.

A double oven would also make things so much easier.

I’d stick with solid oak worktops and glossy cupboard doors, but perhaps have a farmhouse style sink.

LED plinth lighting is a must, and I think I would like some better lights over the cooker too. 

Dressing room

What woman doesn’t want a dressing room?

I think my ideal luxury home would definitely have a good sized dressing room. There would be lots of wardrobe space and drawers. I would have an amazing dressing table and somewhere to hang the hairdryer instead of putting it away day in day out.

And there would be light and mirrors everywhere so I can see what I’m doing on those dark mornings. So indulgent and luxurious!


I think it would be nice to have a luxury home one day. But right now, I’m enjoying taking care of this place with my family. It has plenty of potential, and there are still lots of things to do.  Perhaps one day we’ll have turned our place into our own dream home!