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Unusual Bedroom Designs To Delight and Dazzle *

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Who said bedrooms have to be boring? If you are after something a little more left field than the usual bedroom look, then why not check out the unusual bedrooms designs discuss below? Even if you don’t stick to the ideas exactly, you can always use certain elements as inspiration for the bedroom in your own home.

A bath in the bedroom

So if you have ever had the pleasure of staying in a fancy hotel for a night or two, you might have experienced the phenomena of the bedroom that has a bath in it? Although it sounds a little crazy, it is actually a wonderful way to enjoy a luxurious of a soak in the tube, without be confined to a small tiled room.

unusual bedroom design ideas to delight and dazzle lylia rose uk lifestyle

With the bath in the main bedroom, you can place it by the picture window for amazing views. Or even underneath a skylight so you can watch the clouds float by in the day, and the stars twinkling at night. Just remember that if you do decide to position your bedroom bath by a window, it needs to be either, not overlooked, or in front of one-way glass. You don't want Mrs. Jones at number 45 to get an eyeful every morning now, do you?

A round bed

The round bed is something of a controversial issue. Still used in bedroom designs today, for many people they can't shift the connotations of 70’s culture. So they steer clear of it like the plague. But it can actually work quite well in some settings, as long as it's handled right.

Firstly if the room contains any orange or purple is best to steer clear of a round bed. It’s just ‘too far out man!’ Secondly, the room needs to be large enough, so the bed doesn't overwhelm it.

Remember too that it can also be a bit disorienting to sleep in a round bed, especially if you are the type of person that like to feel tucked away in a corner while they sleep. But putting a curtain all the way around the bed can help you feel less exposed.

Some neon

People tend to have pretty strong feelings about using neon in the bedroom, either in favour or against. But before you write it off completely you need to be aware that is as not as crass as it sounds. For example, a pale violet neon light, matched with luxury bedroom furniture, and a muted colour pallet can produce a modern and high-end look.


Retro neon signs can also work well in wooden rustic style bedrooms. They provide contrast and a vintage vibe. Just limit yourself to one, though. Any more than that, and it will be too overwhelming.
Bohemian style
An unusual look for bedrooms that has recently been gaining ground is the hippy look. This is simple to do but can be amazingly effective. Work on plain cream on white walls, and for decoration use hanging fabrics preferably with a paisley design. Accessorise with scented candles, old school records players, and daybed cushions, for a relaxed but stylish boho look.